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Your Spiritual Path






Unique Spiritual Path

We all have a Destiny & Purpose. The key is to know which destiny phase your currently in so that you can navigate that process with as much love, ease & grace.

The most important aspect is to acknowledge where you're at and to enjoy the journey. Awareness brings with it the power to then make those choices that serve you in the highest possible way. 




First Phase - The Awakening


This first phase can often be triggered by some sort of crisis or feeling of emptiness and a need for change. You could be experiencing a health, relationship, family or professional challenge. This can often come out of the blue and feel like it's taken the rug out from under your feet. It shakes your very foundation.

It can be a very intense time for you and can last for as long as it takes for you to make those internal changes. You are being pushed to look at and examine the very foundations your world has been built upon so that you can rapidly shift and change lower thoughts and emotions that have been keeping you stuck in a 3D environment.

This process can turn your life upside down as your Higher Self comes in to support the new you being birthed. This can be a very volatile time, with many ups and downs because you're undergoing a huge awakening process. The old ways of dealing with your emotions, wellbeing & life are just not working for you any more and you feel drawn to search out and explore new ways of supporting yourself such as working with energy, using crystals, exploring spiritual concepts and opening yourself up to new ideas and concepts.

Second Phase -Holding Your Light


You’ve probably been on the spiritual path for a while now. You've experienced your awakening phase and are now gaining more knowledge & awareness in all things spiritual.

You may have read books and attended workshops on things like working with crystals, living your spirituality and understanding more of the mysteries. 

In this phase of the enlightenment journey you're Higher Self is trying to guide you to Awaken Your Inner Goddess. Embodying the feminine principle is an essential part of your destiny path. This phase will include learning how to go within so you can develop your intuition, open up your psyche & learn how to hold your light. Through doing this you'll be able to sustain yourself for longer periods of time in the fifth dimension.

During this phase you start to begin a deeper level of introspection. Understanding what your limiting beliefs and core wounding are and learning how to navigate the purification process so that you can hold more and more light is key to this second phase.

As you open up more of your psyche you'll start to have more awareness of energy, its impact on you and how important it is to be able to run energy and light frequencies on a regular basis for your health & wellbeing as well as your destiny path.

Running energy and/or working with light frequencies through healing & meditation at this level are essential if you want to master this next level of your destiny path

Third Phase - Radiating Your Light


During this phase of the journey you have now entered the higher initiations and are fully on the path of the initiative. You’re learning all about your energy, how to impacts others and you know when you are in an initiation process and how to navigate that. The more you can integrate your light and hold it the more you can crystallise and radiate it out.

These higher initiations are on the path to embodying your divine self. The expression of unconditional love through all aspects of your being. This is the path that all the ascended masters have taken and mastered in their journey of enlightenment

You're now able to sustain yourself in the 5d on an everyday level whilst going through your purifications . Your continually living in the 5d and starting to have more 6 and 7 d experiences. You have embodied enough light to be able to start to build your merkaba system. This will over time allow you to travel into other worlds and dimensions. In this phase you’ll be guided to visit sacred sites and will be going through the higher initiations to embody more light and connect more to to other dimensions for light activations, downloads and light integrations.

Your light is beginning to impact others - your lineage & soul group

Fourth Phase - Expressing Your Divinity/manifesting Your Divine Destiny