Next Training -6th, 7th & 8th November 2019 Location - Heart of England, South Leicestershire  

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PAY FUNDAMENTAL DEPOSIT This training is perfect for you if you're; • In a rapid awakening process & you want to have a stable energetic foundation to support you through this huge rebirthing process  

• In a crisis or at a crossroads & you just feel drawn to working with frequency & light (even though you haven’t got a clue on how to do this)  

• You just know in your heart that this is your next step & you, or your higher self are ready to fast track  

• A Light Worker, Empath, Star Seed/Indigo or Spiritually Aware person who needs powerful energetic tools & procedures to support yourself so you can get your unique service/talents/gifts out more into the world  

• Aware of the importance of working with energy & frequency as a means to sustain wellbeing & to grow spiritually.  





Alchemy & Light.jpg Have the power of a comprehensive healing & spiritual system so no matter what is going on for you or your family & friends, you'll be able to run energy knowing that you'll be making a positive difference & shifting frequency  


• Be able to facilitate a direct connection with the Universe/Source/Divine for higher states of inner peace, bliss & oneness knowing that you really are a being of light  


• Feel more empowered because you can help and support those who you care about  

( children, family, friends, pets ) when they are experiencing times of stress, overwhelm, unwellness or challenges  


• Feel more spiritually connected & become more aware of other dimensions and realms - Angelic, Elemental & Cosmic  


• Open up more of your feminine power, birth and use your gifts to be of service to others and become the lightworker you were always meant to be  


• Feel more purposeful, connected & centred like you have a reason for being here and that you have begun the path to making this a reality  


• Connect to your true sense of self so that you can feel strong and say no to others and not feel like you are being taken advantage of or impacted by others thoughts and feelings of you  


• Create more flow, ease & spiritual awareness so you can elevate your life  


• Strengthen your faith & know that you have the tools and abilities to support you whenever you feel in the void & disconnected from others and life  


• Be able to clear easily and effortless past life wounding and karma that has been limiting you in holding your sense of self worth & trust in yourself - reignite your spiritual power  







WHAT IS FUNDAMENTAL TRAINING? In this three day Fundamental Training you'll receive a profound and life-changing initiation into the Transference Healing Diamond Pyramid of Light™, and will be energetically templated and gridded to begin running Transference Healing®. As you learn the fundamental procedures, you will also learn how to channel the Transference Healing frequencies to support divine healing and ascension.  

The fundamental procedures and frequencies have been anchored onto the planet by Alexis Cartwright, and are frequencies and elements that come through from the Earth and cosmos. In this training you will learn how to create alchemy in the body, supporting lightbody integration and the ascension of the physical body into the fifth dimensional Adam Kadmon body. This is the technology bestowed by Enoch.  

When you commit to this self-healing journey you are taking the first step toward self-mastery. By working on yourself, you shift the frequency of your body and consciousness, while also creating change in your reality.  

The fundamental procedures are the structural foundation to master as a healer. Regardless of how many higher levels of Transference Healing training you may attend, you will always run the fundamental procedures, for they create alchemy in the physical body.  

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN; • New healing modality of the Lightbody System  

• Three Polarities of Christ Procedure - to activate Christ Consciousness  

• Centering Inner Mind - bringing mind into balance  

• Severing Karmic Pain - severing karmic pain, wounding & emotions  

• Aligning & balancing the electromagnetic body  

• Chakra & Gland Procedures - Clearing chakras & glandular system  

• Metaphysical Diamond Procedure - release personal wounding & energetic density  

• Feeling Vortex Procedure - release fibres creating weakness, holograms & depletion  

• Grief Procedure - etherically clears emotions of grief stored in body & consciousness  

• MSP Diamond - enable self mastery through manifestation of gifts & talents  

• Mental Pain Release - etherically work with CNS & brian to support psychological disorders  


• Etheric Surgery - clears etherical distortions & energetic imbalances leading to physical issues  

• Chiron Wounding 

• Chiron Wounding - works with Chiron point in the body to clear deepest wounding  

• Alchemy Symbols - initiate powerful shifts in body for healing & lightbody transformation  

• Animal Magic Procedure - shamanic healing technique  

• Crystal Cross - integrates a celestial alchemical healing process  

• Scales of Redemption - releases self judgement, re codes DNA initiates a sense of Destiny & Purpose  

• Dragon Power Procedure - refines intent, empowers divine will & connect to masters  

• Holding Power of Light - support you to sustain higher levels of light & sense of self  

• Initiation of Rays & Masters - integrate powerful technology of Rays & Masters  

• Merkaba Procedure - mastery of lightbody travel & Merlin Magic  

• Lightbody Kit - learn about the 77 lightbody essences and how to use them to support each healing.  







Transference Healing Fundamental Training

In this Transformative 3 day training you'll receive the following;  

 • Energetic Initiation into the Diamond Pyramid of Light  

 • Practitioner manual  

 • 6 x full colour Practitioner Templates & healing Record Template  

 • Practitioner Lightbody Kit of 77 Mother tincture vibrational essences in handmade wooden box  

 • Full colour Lightbody Kit Book, inc of colour photographs  

 • Fundamental Training Certificate  

 • Graduate Presentation CD  



Deposit - £600  

Balance - £ 975  

RESIT £450 (only available for those who have already trained in the Fundamental Energy)