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Reclaim Your Power to Birth & Manifest In Your Life

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Join me on a journey into the very heart of the womb of creation. Connect to your goddess energy, harness the power of co creation & manifest your dream life. 

We all hold deep within us huge potential and the ability to co create & birth our deepest desires. We're in a unique history of time, where the planet and humanity are in a huge rebirthing process.

Enhance this rebirthing process so that you can live your life as a spiritual being, fully aware & manifesting your gifts and talents whilst sharing your offerings to the world.

We'll be working with the profound frequencies of Transference Healing® to support & empower this rebirthing process deep within you.

Transform and evolve through the rebirthing energy

You'll receive healing transmissions to support the clearing, healing & activation of your womb centre/hara so that you can birth your new empowered life with more ease, grace & joy.

Never get stuck again in this rebirthing phase as you learn what actually goes on and how to become more aware of the process




Conceive, Birth & Manifest your Wildest Dreams


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This workshop is Perfect if you want to .....


• Connect to & in time share with the world your unique gifts & talents

• Feel more fulfilled & purposeful like you have a reason for being in this world

• You want to be of service to others & create a lifestyle that reflects your spiritual desires

• Conceive & birth a child

• Start a new business/project/venture that inspires and supports you and those you love

• Learn how to hold a womb space for gestation, loved ones or your tribe

• Birth your gifts & talents to share with the world

• Connect into the womb of creation

• Clear any struggle around the manifestation process

• Learn how to birth anything with ease & flow

• Work with your sacral chakra for sexuality & creativity

• Birth your Higher & More Divine Self

• Soul Rebirthing - for more unconditional love & compassion



It's time to Reclaim Your Unique Power to Birth &


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What we shall be covering;


Connect to your Ancestral Lineage to clear karma & past life wounding

Decode energetic weaknesses from your patterning

Clear birth trauma & Inner Child wounding

Clear emotional & mental blocks relating to your ability to create & manifest

Work with Yoni Steaming as a ritual for activating the clearing process



Understand the importance of absolute balance for conception

How to hold a womb space

Connect to the universal womb of creation

How to connect up and pull through higher frequencies, 

Frequency Meditation on the archetype of "The Empress" for fertility, nurture & birth



Harness the energy of Rebirth to be able to manifest & bring through your creations into the world

Understand the ups and downs of any birthing process & how to flow with it

Frequency Meditation - Rebirthing Energy & reprogramming your birth story