Welcome to the Earthstar Temple.

This is a high vibrational  Sacred Space where we join together as lightworkers & torch bearers to accelerate our ascension growth, embody more light & spread our light into the world.

We each have our own unique path & challenges to work through but by gathering in our etheric temple of light we can support our purification and integration process through receiving high frequency energy & using spiritual tools on a daily basis.


Initial First Steps


1. How to find Us

The easiest way is to go to chloecousins.com & you'll find your Personal Account Button on the home page. Here you can access the EarthStar Temple Portal (Member Plan - Visit) Change your Membership Subscriptions & Access your Billing Info.


2. Monthly Full Moon Temple Healings

Each month Chloe works energetically with you in the group by facilitating a full Transference Healing®.

You'll then receive feedback of what occurred, a channelled meditation & recommendations to work with for the rest of the lunar month.

For more info on Full Moon Temple Healings click here.

3. Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys

Each month Chloe facilitates a Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to a specific Sacred site or power vortex around the world. You’ll be called into the grid & the recording will be ready within the week. You also have access to all Chloe’s previous journeys. We suggest no more than watching 2 month - due to the intensity of the integration process.


3. Start with the Urban Goddess® Program

There are 8 Modules in this foundation program with each module comprising of Videos, Frequency Meditations & Workbook.

This is an extensive training, work through it at your own pace. Remember it's all about the embodiment of the teachings not about the awareness or understanding of the teachings. This means day to day and moment to moment mastery is KEY.

To embed the totality of this teaching takes time, commitment & continual practice. Use the Urban Goddess™ daily to embed a new way of being. Go through each module systematically at least once and then dip in and out as you feel guided. You'll probably find that Module 5 is the module that you'll want to revise over and over again - especially at those times when you feel stuck, triggered or going through an initiation. This is when you are going through a decoding/recoding process and you need to be able at these times to go into introspection so that you can connect accept and detach. This is what ultimately creates those shifts in frequency & change in your reality. 


Many Blessings to You & we are honoured to be serving you

Chloe xxx