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The Warrioress Archetype activated to its fullest potential embodies Inner Power, Leadership, Magnetism & Self Love.

The Warrioress knows & lives who she is at the very core of her soul - a divine being of light.

She has a huge capacity to work with frequency and light because of her sensitivity to energy. She therefore has the ability to be a powerful healer, catalyst & teacher as she unlocks higher gifts & talents that have laid dormant within her DNA.


You may at times, and during your childhood have felt unloved, misunderstood and rejected. You may even experience feeling of low self worth & self judgement. As well as feelings of hypersensitivity, power plays & physical depletion & undergone spiritual initiations regarding power.

This is all part of the Journey of the Warrioress.

You are being called to bring to light all those shadow parts of yourself, accumulated over many life times, that are not in alignment with your true sense of self. As you do this, through working with energy & your power centre, you embrace the totality of who you are & become a beacon of light for others inspiring them to hold their light around being their true self.

At the heart of the Warrioress’s Inner Journey is to learn how to work with the power centre & understand its energetic impact on others. As you do this you become more empowered, heal pain that has left you feeling disempowered & gain more strength in your sense of self.

This then gives you the power to be a catalyst & teacher to others.

For the Warrioress Goddess, it all comes down to ENERGY & FREQUENCY.

Once you understand this concept and start to work with energy & frequency in this new way you’ll create so much more Flow, Creativity, Abundance & Empowerment in your life.

It’s as simple as as working on a daily basis with frequency and energy. This is how the Golden Age civilisations used to work to support their overall wellbeing & spirituality. Working in this way is easy, uplifting & very empowering.


I have put together 3 Frequency Formulations to help get you started. These 3 formulations are super easy to use. So allow yourself the opportunity & possibility to make these changes through working with Energy & Frequency, just like the ancient Masters did.

This is the fast track route taking you from inner struggle & what’s the point syndrome to Empowerment & feeling light full of confidence & making a difference in the world.

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Frequency Formulation # 1- Know the signs of when you’re in an Empowerment Process

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One of the most important things you need to know is to recognise when you’re in an empowerment process.

This is essential. When you become conscious of those times you can then work with Frequency & Energy to help shift those patterns from deep within & raise your vibration.

Some of those signs include finding yourself in a power play, depleted & tired, feeling overwhelmed & if reached your limit. You’ll also most probably be feeling issues around self worth, rejection & like you’re not good enough. This is because you are being triggered to release these deep archetypal patterns within you so that you can hold more light & power.

Frequency Formulation # 2 - Work with Frequency Infusions

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When it comes down to it we are all made up of frequency.

Shift your frequency & you can shift your reality.

Tuning into colour, crystals, essences, flowers, symbols can help you shift your frequency.

Use this Frequency Infusion Template to help you raise your vibration & clear your Solar Plexus chakra.

Perfect for when you feel low, depressed, energetically depleted, in a power play or stuck.

 Frequency Formulation # 3 - Work with Dragon Power

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Dragon Power is one of the most powerful sources of energy on this planet. Call upon this energy often. It can take lifetimes to master but it’s an absolute must for all Warrioress Goddess’s. In fact if there was one frequency that I would suggest for the Warrioress above all else this would be it. It’s la creme de la creme of empowerment frequencies.

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As a warrioress archetype you’ve probably been on this empowerment journey for a while - like lifetimes : )

Although Empowerment can take many forms, I believe as a Spiritual being you’re being called to activate more of your Spiritual Power. This is the highest aspect of all empowerment journeys.


Just imagine what it would feel like to connect with and bring through a higher gift or talent that is so unique that no one else does what you do.

Staying focused, committed and taking action would be easy because your sense of self & inner confidence was so strong. Through this inner connection your light radiates out and you’re able to create a powerful impact in the world.

The key to all of this with the Warrioress archetype is the ability to infuse Light into your energy system on an ongoing basis.

The more light you can download & integrate the more empowered you become. As you build your Light you can then access dormant destiny codes to fast track your mission & purpose.

There are several ways that you can download more light. One of the most powerful ways is to access keys, codes and frequencies available at Sacred Sites.


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This is what the Ancients Masters, Spiritual Adepts & Pilgrims understood. They would travel thousands of miles to visit specific Sacred Sites so that they could infuse Light, Keys and Codes to expand their consciousness & accelerate their ascension journey.

This is an ancient tradition that has gone on for eons of time. Masters would get to a place in their Spiritual Awakening where they needed to feed higher infusions of Light into their body & consciousness to sustain wellness & accelerate their Spiritual Journey. Sacred Sites provided them this opportunity.

Sacred Sites are vortex’s of amplified energy that contain unique portals & gateways into other worldly realms. This is where you gain access into the worlds & kingdoms of the Elementals, Angelic, Cosmic & Galactic Masters. By infusing these unique frequencies into your body & consciousness you create profound healing, expand your Lightbody & accelerate your Spiritual Journey.

To be able to travel to all these different Sacred Sites across the world can be extremely costly and time consuming. There are many different sacred sites each offering and providing access to very unique realms.

Imagine being able to access these high frequencies available at Sacred Sites all over the world without having to leave the comfort of your home. You would be able to fast track your ascension journey, expand your Lightbody, ground your Higher Gifts & Talents & feel like you are making a difference in this world.

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One of the gifts that I share with the world is the ability to tap into these sacred sites to access the energy & inter dimensional portals that are available there. In this profound process I create a Crystalline Grid through which I take people energetically in a Merkaba Meditation through space and time so that they can infuse light, download keys and codes to build their lightbody & become more empowered.

These online journeys are all facilitated remotely, so you don’t have to spend the huge investment in time, energy or money to travel to each of these Sacred Sites.

Recently, I worked with a Sacred Site that infused specific frequencies of light for Spiritual Empowerment. Ancient Masters would travel vast distances to receive initiations & infusions of light for their next step in their spiritual empowerment journey at this location.

This is a hidden Sacred Site in England, found in the oldest part of London, known as the City of London.

In this online journey you can receive initiations & clearings to support your Empowerment Process.

Some of the frequencies that are included in this journey are to;

• Shift Frequency & Connect to your Inner Power

• Develop your Inner Strength, Focus & Self Worth

• Discover Crystals that will ground & keep you focused

• Connect to the powerful teachings of Dragon Power for the resourcing of your energy for wellbeing & psychic protection

• Support a purification of the ego so you can become more spiritually empowered

• Understand why Divine Will is so vital to your Ascension Journey

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With each online journey you’ll receive a frequency package that you can download & listen to as often as you feel drawn to for energy & guidance in your Inner Empowerment Journey.

In this Frequency package is a:

• Channelled Presentation & Video detailing the spiritual & historical information of London City

• Crystalline energy to support you to stay grounded, focused & passionate

• Channelled Meditation to access a specific dimension to receive an Initiation for Empowerment

• Direct transmissions of light for Empowerment, Divine Will & Purification 

This online Journey is available for you to Access Immediately.


Working with Frequency & Energy is key to Your Warrioress Archetype.

Each online Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey that I facilitate contains over one hour of high frequency crystalline & cosmic energy. You can listen & watch the frequency video & meditation on any of your electronic devices whenever you feel guided.

It’s as simple, uplifting & easy as that.

To discover more about this journey click the link below.

This journey is available to either rent or purchase

Use when ever you feel dis empowered, impacted by other peoples energy, in a power play, feeling physically tired, depleted or just need access to more Light & Crystalline energy.