Urban goddess key #1- Awaken Your Inner Goddess


Video One - The Power of the Goddess



Video Two - Rewiring Your Brain



Frequency Meditation- Rewiring the Brain

In this frequency meditation we will be working with the frequency of Delta. This frequency has been encoded into the music. Delta is one of the deepest brainwave states. It creates deep relaxation, healing and connection to the subconscious mind. This meditation works with creating a state of energetic balance and reframing a new of way being in relation to situations and events


Frequencies Embedded into this meditation include;

White Light - for shifting and augmenting your frequency

Yin Yang - for absolute balance

Delta - connection to subconscious mind


This meditation is perfect for when you are feeling;

Unbalanced & stressed

At times of initiation when the universe seems to be pushing you.

Need to reframe past events