Urban goddess key #3 - Raise Your Frequency


Video One - Introduction to Raising Your Frequency (From Caterpillar to Butterfly)


Video Two - The 3 Most Powerful Ways to Raise Your Frequency



Frequency Meditation- Raising Frequency

Raising Frequency Meditation

This frequency meditation will take you on an energetic journey to a sacred site. Here you will connect to the element of Fire for rapid purification and the subsequent downloading of light. Experience the power of light in your physical body & consciousness.


Frequencies Embedded into this meditation include;

White Light - for shifting and augmenting your frequency


Emerald Light - for rejuvenation and nurturance

Fire Spirit - for rapid purification

Sacred Site - for a clearing, healing &/or download of light


This meditation is perfect for when you are feeling;

Like you need more light in your energy & physical body

You need a rapid purification

Heavy & Sluggish