Urban goddess key #4 - Energy Management


Video One- Introduction to Energy Management


Video Two- Universal Energy - The Power of the Universe & Quantum Nutrients



Video Three - Chakra's; etheric system for Wellness & Wellbeing


Frequency Meditation - Balancing & Charging Your 7 Main Chakras

This frequency meditation will take you on an energetic journey through your 7 main chakras. In each chakra centre you will tune in and start to open up and run energy through that area of the body. This will support you to stay balanced and support your self healing abilities.


Frequencies Embedded into this meditation include;

Red Frequency - for security & feeling grounded

Orange Frequency - for creativity & emotional balance

Yellow Frequency - for empowerment

Green Frequency - for opening up and giving Love

Blue Frequency - for communication

Indigo Frequency - for higher perception

Violet Frequency - for connection to Source/Divine/Universal Energy

White Light - for shifting and augmenting your frequency


This meditation is perfect for when you are feeling;

In overwhelm or ungrounded

Experiencing physical issues

Feeling out of Balance