Video One - Welcome & Overview



Frequency Meditation - Relax & Let Go 

In this frequency meditation, we will be working with the transmissions of relaxation and a connection to a higher source. We will scan the body for any tension & breathe light into those areas to dissolve heaviness and distortions that may have lodged into the body. You may find as you practice this meditation that old emotions and thoughts patterns come up to the surface. This is just part of the the releasing process, where corresponding emotions and mental patterns associated with that area may have become embedded into your physical body over time. Just allow them to drift away as they transmute into the light. The key here is to let them go and not attach to them!

This meditation is perfect for;

Letting go of stress

Releasing tension in the body

Learning to connect to a higher source

Supporting the release of "dis" ease.


Frequency Meditation- Connect to Your higher Self

In this frequency meditation we will be establishing a connection &/or deepening a connection to your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self, is that aspect of you that is all knowing, wise, can see the higher perspective and is not caught up in your lower emotional and mental thought patterns.


Frequencies Embedded into this meditation include;

White Light - for shifting and augmenting your frequency

Emerald Ray - for expanding the heart & rejuvenation

Pink Ray - for going deeper into your heart and bringing through unconditional love

Crystal Cross - for divine energy *


This frequency meditation is perfect;

To support you to feel more safe and secure

To help you to make choices from a higher perspective

Receive Divine Guidance

To detach from your lower ego sense of self


* Transference Healing® procedure