Urban goddess key #1- Awaken Your Inner Goddess


Video One - Detox your Inner World Introduction



Video Two - Cultivating the Master Position



Video Three - Ways we get stuck & how to unblock




Video Four - Introduction to the Connect : Accept : Detach™ process


Video Five - Connect : Accept : Detach™ - Heart of the Transformational Process


Frequency Meditation - Cultivating the Master Position

This frequency meditation will enable you to start cultivating the Master Position. You will connect to your core sense of self for more inner peace and happiness and feel more expanded yet grounded in your body.


Frequencies Embedded into this meditation include;

Star in the Heart - for connection to Core Sense of Self


Earth Frequency - for groundedness


This meditation is perfect for when you are feeling;

Shut down and unable to feel your emotions

In overwhelm

Feeling ungrounded & unsafe

You want to cultivate more of your Master Position


Frequency Meditation - Heart Acceptance

This frequency meditation will support you to go deeper into your heart space. Allow difficult emotions to be placed in your heart & accepted unconditionally.

Frequencies Embedded into this meditation include;

White Light - for purification

Emerald Light - for expansion in the heart

Pink Frequency - for a deeper expansion into the heart and unconditional love.

Delta Brainwave


This meditation is perfect for when you are feeling;

Unable to accept certain emotions

In overwhelm and emotions and thoughts are tangled up

Struggling to detach from a situation/circumstance/person and the emotions it triggers from within you.