Transference Healing® Workshops

Transference Healing® is an ancient ascension & self mastery enlightenment system that works with both alchemy & lightbody frequencies. This divine energetic system works on a multi dimensional level to enhance your direct connection to universal energy for self healing & mastery in support of the rebirthing of your divine self. 

Stepping into these workshops will give you the energetic opportunity to run this high multidimensional frequency through your system for self healing & lightbody integration. Over time as you build your lightbody, you'll begin to birth unique aspects of your over soul - gifts & talents that you mastered in past life times. Each workshop covers different frequencies and aspects to the complexity of the Transference Healing® Energetic System.

By running & absorbing the frequency of this powerful ascension system on a regular basis you'll be supporting your Self Healing & Self Mastery abilities. This healing & enlightenment system is perfect for anyone who feels drawn to accelerate their Spiritual Growth & wishes to be more of service through the anchoring of their divine gifts.

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Beyond Doorways Level 1 

If you want to experience the frequency of Transference Healing and empower yourself by learning powerful spiritual procedures, then Beyond Doorways Level 1 is a great place to start. Through the energy and teachings  of this one day workshop you'll learn practical energetic procedures that will empower you to heal yourself and your loved ones.  You will learn how to lift your frequency, clear genetic (including past life) wounding, break down patterning that creates limitationgain clarity around ongoing concerns so you can manifest a reality that is in alignment with your Higher Self.  

Inclusions include;

  • Workshop Manual.

  • Full colour template.

  • Vogel crystal wand.

  • The Beyond Doorways Lightbody Kit of 15 x vibrational essences.

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Beyond Doorways Level 2

Beyond Doorways Level 2 is a one-day workshop that enables you to work with crystal technology, interdimensional gridding techniques and healing procedures, this workshop supports you to connect with the Mystery School concepts and teachings of Transference Healing®. This is lightbody technology that involves crystal skull, gridding and templating work.

This level explores the technology of matter and light. To step into this workshop you need to attend Level 1 first.

Inclusions include;

  • Workshop Manual.

  • 2 x clear quartz wands.

  • Lemurian Time Line wand.

  • Small crystal skull.

  • A Crystal Stargate Gridding Kit, including 1 x full colour template, 9 x gridding crystals, 2 x platonic solid crystals and a herkimer diamond, all presented in a beautiful velvet workshop bag (gridding crystals are only available to those who attend the workshop).

Child of Light Workshop .png

Child of Light

The Child of Light Workshop supports you to work with your inner child, and also, more specifically, to understand and work with the unique attributes of Crystal Children. Crystal Children (those born since 1999) embody our new and more enlightened chapter of human evolution. They hold the template of the fifth dimensional grid, which is etherically encoded within their heart chakra. Their unique consciousness and sensitivity creates a healing impact that is instrumental to our evolution.

This workshop teaches parents a range of techniques to support Crystal Children, including a Transference Healing procedure channelled through the energetic influence of Chiron. This new procedure supports the Crystalline Grid Template to anchor in.  It also assists the integration of stellar/light and crystal frequencies into the sensitive body and consciousness of Crystal Children.  This in turn enables them to sustain the frequency to continue evolving within a more heightened level of personal and spiritual growth/awareness, while also providing the necessary resources to preventatively care against lightbody symptoms.

While this procedure has a powerful impact on Crystal Children, it can also be performed on adults, enabling them to explore the deep levels of their etheric patterning to clear inner child pain. This procedure supports both adults and children, helping you to anchor and sustain the new fifth dimensional grid.

Inclusions Include;

  • Workshop Manual.

  • 2 x full colour workshop templates.

  • Platonic Solids Crystal Set and a Clear Quartz Crystal.


Animal Magic Workshop

Animal Magic

The Animal Magic Workshop is magical day that teaches you how to work with the Animal Magic Divination Cards written by Alexis Cartwright. In this workshop you divine your mythical totem animal to support your empowerment & self-mastery process. You will also work with the powerful elemental kingdoms and their beings so you may interact with their therapeutic qualities in support of healing.

You will be gridded into the animal, elemental & mythical kingdoms. Through this you will be supported to psychically open and draw upon profound shamanic powers. You will also learn to create an etheric Circle of Fire while working with four animal totems, supporting your kundalini to awaken. Through this procedure you are encouraged to enhance divine love and protection in your reality.

Inclusions Include;

  • Animal Magic Training Manual.

  • Animal Magic Tarot Bag containing the tools you need to run a Circle of Fire.

  • 14 x gridding crystals.

  • Selenite wand.

  • White sage stick.