A FREE membership site for Healing, Empowerment & Ascension


The Temple is our FREE membership site. Here you have 24/7 access to a whole range of meditations, videos & wisdom teachings.  so you can stay connected, grounded & moving forward with your soul & spiritual growth, no matter where you are in your journey.


In the Temple you will discover;

  • Enter into our Sacred Temple of Light to receive the Ascension Frequencies of Transference Healing®


  • Ground in those higher transmissions with a live webinar & teachings


  • Integrate the healing energy with a recorded Frequency Meditation Mp3


  • Receive wisdom teachings guided by the energies coming through that month


  • Have Q & A's - so you can keep focused & have those questions answered


  • Have private access to The Temple Collective Facebook Group - to keep you grounded & consistent with your inner work. 


  • Connect to a like minded community - for support & accountability


  •  Have 24/7 access to archived teachings & meditations.
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