A monthly membership site for Healing, Empowerment & Ascension

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The Temple is our monthly membership site. Here you have 24/7 access to a whole range of spiritual support systems so you can stay connected, grounded & moving forward with your soul & spiritual growth, no matter where you are in your journey.


Each Month We Will

  • Enter into our Sacred Temple of Light to receive the Ascension Frequencies of Transference Healing®


  • Ground in those higher transmissions with a live webinar & teachings


  • Integrate the healing energy with a recorded Frequency Meditation Mp3


  • Receive wisdom teachings guided by the energies coming through that month


  • Have Q & A's - so you can keep focused & have those questions answered


  • Have private access to The Temple Collective Facebook Group - to keep you grounded & consistent with your inner work. 


  • Connect to a like minded community - for support & accountability


  •  Have 24/7 access to archived teachings & meditations.
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Does this sound like you?


  • Interested in positive thinking & spiritual stuff but you just don't know where to start?


  • Tried a regular meditation practice but you never seem to follow through with it!


  • You love Transference Healing Energy & would like to receive this powerful master energy on a regular basis.


  • When life gets a little chaotic you forget to turn to the more spiritual side to see you through


  • Although you love all the spiritual knowledge and teachings you struggle to integrate it into your day to day life


  • You wish you had access to support 24/7 to keep you focused and committed on your journey


  • You understand that its your frequency and vibration that creates your reality but so often you get stuck in a holding pattern and cannot work through it


  • You're in a dark night of the soul time right now, and you need some positive energy & support to rebirth.


Hi, I am Chloe & it is an honour and pleasure to be of service in this way. One of the biggest challenges that I have witnessed in others in regards to their spiritual journey has been the ability to stay focused & consistent. I know how hard it can be to prioritise your spiritual growth in a busy world with so many demands on your time & attention. I have seen this with my client base over and over again, where they struggle to keep up their inner work, meditations and spiritual practices. Often it's at those times of inner chaos and turmoil that we need more spiritual support, often 24/7! These challenging times offer us the opportunity to make those biggest changes, firstly within ourselves & then outwardly. So having a place that we can connect into to keep us focused, going within and grounded is essential if we do not want ot get stuck in the rebirthing process.

It's for this reason that I felt compelled to create The Temple.  Here, you can go to whenever you feel the need to connect back to a higher source of inspiration, frequencies & energies. The Temple is a monthly membership site that you can access 24/7. You can access all the latest and archived webinars, frequency meditations as well as the Temple Collective private facebook  group. So whenever you are feeling, down, depressed, trying to make shift in frequency, you know that you will always have a library of tools at your disposal (even if it is at 3am! )

Not only that, but you will receive a suite of ascension frequencies through the Transference Healing® modality to support you monthly to shift & elevate your frequency.


"The Temple" is For those Who ...


Wish to receive regular Transference Healing® energy

Would like a nurturing space to grow, evolve & transform

Desire to connect to a like minded community

Want to learn more about Energy, Light & Consciousness

On a journey of Self Mastery & wish to accelerate their ascension process


Are you ready to accelerate your enlightenment journey?

Monthly Membership


For £28 you'll receive full access to The Temple . You can cancel at any time.




How Does It Work?


Each month you'll receive;


Full Transference Healing®

Access Membership Area

Frequency Meditation Mp3




Live Webinar

     Private Facebook Group


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What energies will I be receiving whilst in "The Temple"

Chloe works with the frequencies of Transference Healing® which is a high frequency ascension modality. The whole group will receive a full Transference Healing® which works both on the alchemy of the body & consciousness as well as your lightbody. These frequencies will support you over time to create profound shifts in consciousness as well as transformations in your life. You will receive exactly what your higher self needs during the transmission of energy so that you can then purify and integrate to the next level of frequencies into your body & consciousness. By having regular monthly access to these frequencies of light you will be supporting your  spiritual growth and 

Q. I am very drawn to joining this monthly class but energy work is completely new to me. Does this matter?

A. You will absorb exactly what you need to during the transmission. It doesn't matter if you have never done any meditation before or have never received any healing work. This class is for your soul and spirit. Before and during the webinar you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions as well as commune with your fellow soul group members.

Q. I won't be able to make the live webinars

That's absolutely fine. You will have the opportunity to submit any questions that you may have before hand and the webinar will be recorded so you can listen to it at a time that is convenient for you.

Q. What if I try this and decide it isn't for me?

You can cancel your monthly membership whenever you choose.


Alexis Cartwright is the Channel, Anchor and Founder of Transference Healing®