StarGate Gridding Sessions


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Absorb : anchor : Crystalize



It's a 1-1 remote session that works with Crystals, Light, Gridding & Crystal Skull Technology to ground & anchor higher frequencies of light ( cosmic & elemental) into your body & consciousness.

This session connects you to the cosmic frequencies attainable in other dimensions and grids them through into your body & consciousness. This process supports the grounding of higher frequencies of light & more refined prana to be absorbed by your system to support wellness & profound shifts in consciousness.


As you evolve in body & consciousness, at some point in time you'll be drawn to working with Light & Higher Frequencies of Light to support your ascension process. These frequencies come from other dimensions & realities & feed your etheric & electromagnetic body for the crystalization of your lightbody.


Some of the frequencies & procedures that are used include;

∞ Crystal Skull technology

∞ Lemurian Time Line Healing

∞ Holy Grail Procedure

∞ Stargate Gridding Procedure

∞ Dragon & Raven Power


Chloe facilitates these powerful 1-1 sessions remotely either live over the phone or recorded. 


" After the Stargate gridding session I felt a huge shift of energy, I felt lighter and able to see issues from a higher perspective" Penny


"I was guided to see Chloe by many synchronised magical events and she really helped me to start unravelling the density I had wrapped myself in.  After several healings with Chloe, I was well on my way with pulling up and making big shifts energetically." Teri 


"I would recommend a session with Chloe to absolutely anyone and everyone I know! Chloe works with a deep gifted intuition, warmth, non judgement,  authenticity and from a deep heart space, which I feel really helps support a true empowering releasing healing process. " Emma

To book your session click the Book a Session button below & Chloe will email you to schedule your session.



 * The Stargate Gridding Session is facilitated through the profound ascension modality of Transference Healing®. It incorporates the procedures of Beyond Doorways Level 1 & 2.

If you would like to learn more about this sacred technology of gridding Chloe holds regular one day workshops. For more info go here.