Empowerment & Manifestation Grid

Empowerment & Manifestation Grid


This is a wonderful grid for increasing your ability to feel more empowered, radiate self worth and feel confident in your ability to manifest.

Crystal grids are a combination of specific crystals, symbols and sacred geometry that blend together to create an accumulating synergistic effect. Each crystal grid is unique and resonates out into the environment a vibration, creating a holographic-like reality, making it much easier for you & anyone in that space to connect to that energetic potential and absorb its frequency and all those qualities that are associated with it.



Grid Template Base; 

Front side - Flower of life symbol, with rose quartz frequency embedded underneath. 

Reverse side - Instructions on how to use the grid layout, with clear quartz frequency embedded underneath

Crystals included in this grid are ;

4 x citrine

4 x clear quartz points

4 x rose quartz

1 x golden sheen obsidian (top right)

1 x chiastolite (bottom left)

1 x garnet (bottom right)

1 x citrine heart

1 x sunstone (top right)

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Flower of Life Symbol - Sacred Geometry

This symbol resonates out the frequency of unity & unconditional love. It is a universal symbol found through out ancient civilisations.


Citrine Crystal - Success, Personal Power, Manifestation

This crystal forms the centre piece of this grid and rightly so. It is a crystal that epitomises the Solar Plexus chakra ( personal power) & is one of the "must have" crystals when it comes to self worth, personal power and manifestation. Citrine will support you, whilst in this unique grid, to help you to take any inner guidance, intuitive thoughts, & realisations and make them more concrete and solidified. It will enable you to take that leap of faith and commitment through your actions so that you can create more manifestation & empowerment in your life. It clears and energises the Solar plexus to give increased energy, drive and commitment so you can realise your dreams & passions.


Sunstone Crystal - Leadership, Personal Power, Removes Hook Ups

Sunstone is perfect when wanting to enhance your leadership qualities. It encourages leadership from the heart, where you are stepping more into a leadership role through being of service. This could be in all different ways, whether within the family unit, or as a healer or within a business or organisation. It can dissolve any self doubts or inner fears in relation to holding a space and role as a leader. It also helps to remove any energetic hook ups from others, so that you can remain balanced and detached whilst still be able to supporting others.


Rose Quartz Crystal - Unconditional Love

With so much emphasis on the power centre in this crystal grid, its super important to balance this out with the heart centre. In fact not only do you have four rose quartz crystals in this grid, but to reflect the importance of power through the heart the whole of this crystalline template has as its foundation the frequency of rose quartz. This crystal radiates unconditional love, soothing the emotions and gently opening the heart. It speaks of being gentle with yourself and others as you go through your own empowerment journey.


Garnet Crystal - Passion, Drive & Commitment

Garnet is perfect for enhancing your passion, drive and commitment. It creates a sense of self discipline, so you can stick with things when the going gets a little tough. (which inevitably happens whilst in any empowerment process as you try to break through old patterns of behaviour and limitations) Commitment & self discipline are really important qualities to connect to and nurture within yourself - otherwise your inspired concepts, ideas and deepest desires remain locked in your mental plane and never materialise into your reality. This can create much frustration and compound any feelings of low self worth. 


Madagascan Clear Quartz Crystal - Master Crystal

Clear quartz is a master crystal and for this grid madagascan quartz was chosen because of its superior clarity & amplification qualities. It strengthens and enhances the energy of all the other crystals, sacred geometry & symbols within the grid.


Chiastolite Crystal - Protective & Grounding

This is known as the Cross stone as it is highly protective & grounding. It will support you to stay anchored to the earth whilst you work through your limitations and karmic patterning that has been holding you back from owning your power and sense of self. 


Golden Sheen Obsidian Crystal - Transmute Negativity, Manifestation & Protection

This crystal is unusual and rarer to find than normal obsidian. It is a powerful stone for manifestation and attracting abundance. It is a stone of illumination, taking you to the core of the issue and transforming it. It is through this process of clearing, that profound shifts of consciousness can be had, your self worth enhanced and manifestation abilities increased.  


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