Return of the Divine Mother

Return of the Divine Mother


Connect to the Sacred Navel of the British Isles. A hidden power vortex, that is a direct portal into the Galactic Centre & Womb of Creation.

Here you can connect to the frequencies of the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is the Goddess of all Goddess’s. She gives birth to everything that is in our universe. She is Ain Soph.

In this Online Journey You’ll;

• Unblock or Open more your Navel Chakra to feel nourished, fulfilled & manifestation

• Develop your Creativity & Self Love to tap into your psychic gifts & create abundance

• Discover Crystals that open up more of your emotions & connection to the Nature Spirits & Gaia Kingdoms

• Connect to the Divine Mother - the womb of creation for Sustenance, Nurturance & Rebirthing

• Absorb higher particles of Light, Prana & frequencies for Wellbeing, Rejuvenation & Self Healing

• Perfect for Chiron in Taurus or if you feel challenged or want to deepen your experience of working & unblocking the navel chakra, abundance issues, wellness & issues around the Mother.

In this Frequency package is a:

• Channelled Presentation & Video detailing the spiritual frequencies available at High Cross

• Crystalline energy for emotional purification, flow & creativity

• Channelled Meditation to work with the frequencies of the Divine Mother to unblock the navel chakra, connect to the Empress frequencies & feel nourished, energetically supported & a deep sense of self love

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