Chartres - Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journey

Chartres - Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journey



Remote Participation Only

Join Chloe on this Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Experience & be taken energetically to the ancient Goddess Site of Chartres Cathedral, France. 

Here you'll receive light codes, initiations & activations into the teachings of the Black Madonna - a sacred lineage of priestess teachings on the Goddess, the healing powers of nature, the magical properties of elements and elementals and the ability to purify to enable the embodiment of these sacred teachings into ones body & consciousness for ascension & spiritual growth.

In this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey You'll;

* Access this interdimensional portal at Chartres and participate in the energy and frequencies located at this sacred site.

* Embody the energy & teachings of the Black Madonna

* Connect to an ancient energy that the druids of Carnute understood & worshipped

* Tap into the creative powers of the Black Ray for Alchemy, Transference & Magic

* Gain deeper understanding into the mystical teachings of the Christ

* Support a purification process of the ego so can become more spiritually empowered

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An online experience that includes;

†  A Merkaba Crystal Grid™Experience for interdimensional access into the realms sustained at the Chartres grid point

†  Channelled presentation 

†  Channelled meditation 

† Frequency Video detailing the spiritual & historical information of this grid point 

† Direct transmissions of light for the deeper embodiment of the Black Madonna Frequencies