Beyond Doorways Book

Beyond Doorways Book


An incredible book for your Ascension Journey

The sacred knowledge revealed in this book explores:

  • Information about our planet and Global Grid Matrix, our origin, and the light technology that sustains our holographic and evolving reality.

  • The intricate technology and healing powers of crystals.

  • The astrological events and alchemical changes that initiated our transition into the fifth dimension.

  • How alchemical changes are supporting the evolutionary process of the DNA, Adam Kadmon body, and lightbody.

  • The healing impact of Chiron, accompanied by personal astrological readings and self-healing practices.

  • Transference Healing® procedures that work with the body and consciousness in support of healing and ascension.

  • The powers of alchemy, the Feminine Principle and the Goddess, for the awakening of the psyche and the birthing of spiritual empowerment.

  • The technology involved in the creation of our Universe, and the universal forces that orchestrate our existence, evolution and expansion.

  • The changes that will occur throughout the New Age or fifth dimensional reality.

  • The nature of Crystal Children; children who are being born at this time of global enlightenment. These children hold a unique consciousness, and attributes that are of a fifth dimensional frequency.

  • The Ascended Masters supporting our self-mastership journey.

  • The teachings of the Celestial Christ, and the technology of the Christbody and Consciousness.

  • Interdimensional realities that coexist with us in support of ascension: Lyra, Arcturus, Sirius, Orion and Pleiades.

  • The mystery schools of the past, including those of Lemuria and Atlantis.

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