Shine Your Light Mentorship Program

A 3 part one to one session for those wishing to take their unique gifts and talents out into the world.

This program is a unique combination of spiritual teachings around frequency, manifestation, womb creation and creativity alongside the very practical, down to earth aspects on how to create a beautiful website that reflects your uniqueness and frequency, how to attract your ideal audience & soul group who are waiting for you, how to work with webinars & create amazing tools and guides for your perfect audience. Its a killer combination of frequency teachings & technical know how with a sprinkling of powerful strategies and fairy dust!

Just some of the topics we can cover;

  • Defining who you are, your personal brand, and mission all through your frequency
  • How to create your very own website - so you can reflect your frequency & adjust it over time as you evolve & shift
  • The importance of a website strategy - so you can guide and be specific with your audience
  • How to drive potential clients to your website
  • Importance of holding a womb space for your audience & how to do this.
  • How to create & set up webinars and connect to your ideal audience
  • Knowing how to clear your inner blocks and patterns in regards to abundance & empowerment
  • How to attract those that are meant to be working with you

We can also work on;

  • Your internal world & mind set
  • How to release negative programming that has been holding you back
  • Support in terms of accountability & nurturance
  • Igniting your creativity
  • How to sustain your passion & focus 

Are you ready to change your life and Shine Your Light out into the world?


I only have a very limited number of spaces available for this mentorship program. By the end of our 3 x 1 hour sessions together (as long as you take the action)  you will begin to have created a  cohesive brand with a beautiful contemporary website  that is reflective of your frequency and that you can easily change yourself. We will also look at ways to connect to and attract your ideal audience as well as the use of facebook and other strategies to attract your soul group.

I shall work with you, and your unique situation to support you to take your next step out into the world. 

Please email me if you would like to have a chat to see whether you and I are a good fit to work together.