Rebirthing : Alchemy : Rejuvenation

“Journey with me to this amazing location energetically to receive all that you need alchemically for the healing of your physical body & the birthing of your divinity.”

Chloe Cousins

Join Chloe on this Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Experience & be taken energetically into the Galactic Centre - the Cosmic Womb of Creation.

This location is @ High Cross in the geomatic centre of England. It's the Omphalos, the symbolic navel of England and a place where the ancients worshipped and revered the Goddess of all Goddess's Ain Soph.


In this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey You'll;

* Access this inter dimensional portal at High Cross and participate in the energy and frequencies located at this sacred site.

* Discover which Crystals you can work with to support a Rebirthing process within your patterning

* Connect to The Divine Mother frequencies of Ain Soph

* Gain deeper understanding into the teachings of the Creative Principle

* Perfect when you wish to birth someone into your life - new business, creative project, child, higher gifts & talents

* Works with the navel chakra clearing wounding around the birthing process

This journey is perfect for you if;

* You wish to birth something into your life - new business, creative project, child, higher gifts & talents, new sense of self

* Feeling stuck & intuitively feel that you need to shift energy in your navel/sacral chakra

* Would like to connect to the universe in a deeper way & absorb higher frequencies of light for wellness & your ascension journey

Your Frequency Package consists of;

•  A Frequency Video & Presentation detailing the spiritual & historical information of High Cross & the Galactic Centre

•  A Channelled Merkaba Meditation

* Important - Due to the fact you may become altered whilst listening to this Frequency package we do not recommend listening whilst using heavy machinery, driving or anything else that requires your full focus.


How to Work with this Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journey;

This frequency package contains the Video with Presentation & Meditation. 

Because you're working with energy, we suggest you listen to this package whilst in a clear, high frequency space. That way you'll be able to absorb more of the energy into your body & consciousness.

It is also recommended (but not necessary) to work with the Divine Mother Crystal Grid. This will deepen your experience of the frequency meditation by sustaining you and your environment within this new holographic reality created by the Crystalline Grid.

Please be aware though that as you work with any of the Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys, you're initiating a purification and release process, where old patterning, modes of behaviour and self limiting beliefs will start to come up to the surface to be released. 

* Divine Mother Crystal Grid *

The Divine Mother Grid that accompanies this Crystal Merkaba Grid journey is now available to order.

Use this grid with your Merkaba Grid meditation and in your home to co create a holographic grid to support Rebirthing, Alchemy & Rejuvenation


Divine Mother Crystal Grid
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