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One of the gifts that I share with the world is the ability to tap into these sacred sites to access the energy & inter dimensional portals that are available there. In this profound process I create a Crystalline Grid through which I take people energetically in a Merkaba Meditation through space and time so that they can infuse light, download keys and codes to build their lightbody & become more empowered.

These online journeys are all facilitated remotely, so you don’t have to spend the huge investment in time, energy or money to travel to each of these Sacred Sites.

Recently, I worked with a Sacred Site that infused specific frequencies of light for Spiritual Empowerment. Ancient Masters would travel vast distances to receive initiations & infusions of light for their next step in their spiritual empowerment journey at this location.

This is a hidden Sacred Site in England, found in the oldest part of London, known as the City of London.

Here you can receive initiations & clearings to support your Empowerment Process.

In this Online Journey You’ll;

• Shift Frequency & Connect to your Inner Power

• Develop your Inner Strength, Focus & Self Worth

• Discover Crystals that will ground & keep you focused

• Connect to the powerful teachings of Dragon Power for the resourcing of your energy for wellbeing & psychic protection

• Support a purification of the ego so you can become more spiritually empowered

• Understand why Divine Will is so vital to your Ascension Journey

With each online journey you’ll receive a frequency package that you can download & listen to as often as you feel drawn to for energy & guidance in your Inner Empowerment Journey.

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Working with Frequency & Energy is key to Your Warrioress Archetype.

Each online Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey that I facilitate contains over one hour of high frequency crystalline & cosmic energy. You can listen & watch the frequency video & meditation on any of your electronic devices as often as you feel guided. Whenever & where ever you are.

It’s as simple, uplifting & easy as that.

Click the link below to access this specific journey.

Options include Renting for 48 hrs, Purchasing the journey for lifetime access or access to all the journeys in the catalogue for a monthly fee.

Use this journey as often as you feel guided and especially when ever you feel dis empowered, impacted by other peoples energy, in a power play, feeling physically tired, depleted or just need access to more Light & Crystalline energy.