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There comes a point in a Souls Inner Journey where they are compelled and drawn to visit Sacred Sites. There’s a reason for this!

Sacred Sites are vortex’s of amplified energy that contain unique portals & gateways into other worldly realms. This is where you gain access into the worlds & kingdoms of the Elementals, Angelic, Cosmic & Galactic Masters.

By infusing these unique frequencies into your body & consciousness you activate dormant keys and codes, create profound Healing, Expand your Lightbody & Accelerate your Spiritual Journey.


This is what the ancient Masters understood. They would travel thousands of miles to these Energy Vortex’s so that they could infuse higher keys and codes into their energy system for activations, healing, expansion of consciousness & be able to sustain themselves in a higher crystalline vibration. This was vital for their Ascension Journey.

To be able to travel to all these different Sacred Sites across the world can be extremely costly and time consuming. There are many different sacred sites each offering and providing access to very unique realms.

Imagine being able to access these high frequencies available at Sacred Sites all over the world without having to leave the comfort of your home. You would be able to fast track your ascension journey, expand your Lightbody, ground your Higher Gifts & Talents & feel like you are making a difference in this world.

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One of the gifts that Chloe shares with the world is the ability to tap into these sacred sites to access the energy & inter dimensional portals that are available there.

In this profound process Chloe creates a unique Crystalline Grid through which she takes people energetically in a Merkaba Meditation through space and time so that they can infuse light, download keys and codes, anchor aspects of their lightbody & become more Empowered.

These online journeys are all facilitated remotely, so you don’t have to spend the huge investment in time, energy or money to travel to each of these Sacred Sites.