Online Spiritual Workshops

Immerse yourself in high vibrational teachings & meditations all designed to lift your frequency & accelerate your spiritual journey.  Working energetically on a regular and consistent basis creates the most profound changes in your frequency & life.

These workshops are available to download instantly.

Not sure which workshop to begin with? - Just follow your intuition, generally it will be the first one that resonates with you & your heartspace. Trust yourself & then take that leap of faith.

spiritual goal setting (1).jpg

Spiritual Goal Setting Workshop- connect to your Higher Self, Set Intentions & Manifest

Connect with your Higher Self, set intentions & learn how to create a vision board to manifest your dreams & co create your golden age reality.

Empowerment Through the Heart (2).jpg

Empowerment Through the Heart - for Spiritual Empowerment

This workshop is a blueprint on how to deal with power issues & how to become more empowered. Lots of practical tools, procedures & meditations including how to cut emotional & karmic ties that may be draining you, how to use Dragon Power for spiritual protection & which Crystals to use to spiritually empower yourself.

the birthing code.jpg

The Birthing Code - Reclaim Your Power to Rebirth & Manifest

Join me on a journey into the very heart of the womb of creation. Connect to your goddess energy, harness the power of co creation & manifest your dream life. 

We all hold deep within us huge potential and the ability to co create & birth our deepest desires. We're in a unique history of time, where the planet and humanity are in a huge rebirthing process.

Enhance this rebirthing process so that you can live your life as a spiritual being, fully aware & manifesting your gifts and talents whilst sharing your offerings to the world.

the urban goddess.jpg

The Urban Goddess™Program - Comprehensive Meditation & Transformational System

This Meditation & Transformational Program empowers you to clear self limiting beliefs, connect you to your inner wisdom & step out of your comfort zone so you can shine your light & create your dream life. 

To create positive changes in your life  you need to develop daily systems that will support you to make those changes. Nothing will change unless you commit to daily action. Those changes need to be internal at first and that will then ripple out into your external world through your behaviours & actions.

This is why I created the Urban Goddess® Program. It's a daily system that you can just literally plug and play. Everything is done for you.