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About Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys

Join Chloe remotely as she travels to these grid locations through her Crystal Merkaba Grid™ to receive lightcodes, templates & keys from sacred sites all over the world without leaving the comfort of your house.

•  Receive specific lightcodes from sacred sites to amplify your lightbody for more Wellbeing

•  Anchor Higher Gifts & Talents so you can share your gifts with the world

• Experience different realities & realms to open up your perception & clear distortion & old patterns

• Gain greater awareness energetically of Sacred Sites & support your Spiritual growth

• Fast Track your Spiritual Evolution just like the Masters

• Clear Karma associated with Sacred Sites & Specific Grid Locations

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How it Works

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On demand Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys Available

What You’ll Receive

Once you have completed your purchase you'll receive via email an Energy Frequency Package. This energy package contains the frequencies & transmissions available from that Sacred Site. The energy package contains the following;

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  •   Merkaba Crystal Grid™ Experience - You'll be taken energetically into a channelled grid that will support you to travel energetically &  inter dimensionally into other realms - Angelic, Cosmic/Galactic, Elemental &/or with specific Masters.


  •   Specific Light Transmissions - These transmissions will come through in the video and frequency meditation


  • Frequency Video - To support the integration of the energy that has been infused into your etheric body during the Merkaba Crystal Grid Experience.


  • Merkaba Meditation Experience - Chloe will take you through meditation/visualisation into altered dimensions in space and time so that you can experience and download the codes necessary for your accelerated ascension path. This is a powerful opportunity to access specific enlightenment codes from other worldly realms & kingdoms for healing, lighbody integration & spiritual growth.


This is a perfect way to receive unique frequencies of light that are specific to that location as well as support the planet by gridding through unique interdimensional frequencies of light.