t this profound time of change and rebirth on the planet, as our world enters into the 5th dimension, we are all being pushed to surrender and let go, to rebirth more of our Divine self and begin to manifest within our reality the emerging Golden Age. Over the last 1A0 years I have come to experience many incredible miracles in my life especially in regards to my health, self empowerment process & light working abilities with Transference Healing®.

I now work both on an individual basis and also in groups acting as a catalyst & ascension facilitator for rapid change and ~awakening. I support individuals and groups to clear old restrictive internal patterns & initiate shifts of consciousness so that they can anchor more light into their body and consciousness.

On an individual basis, through inter-dimensional frequency shifting abilities & a connection to my star lineage, I support people to connect to and birth more of their divine self. Through tapping into their unique coding system and doorway work I am able to connect to an aspect of their higher spiritual self. This supports them to connect to and make a vibrational shift in their patterning so that they can over time reconnect to that more divine aspect of themselves.

On a group level I have a great passion for working on Sacred Sites. As a gridworker, I work on a multidimensional level, this enables me to attune and tap into the grid on many different levels in space, time & dimension. I work with the frequencies of Transference Healing® and its core teachings to create very unique sacred site tours. Combining teachings and on-site visits this enables me to take people on an energetic journey through space and time to download the necessary keys and codes from these powerful vortex's to support the anchoring & integration of their lightbody whilst on these powerful grid points of the earth.

On a personal level, I feel a deep resonance to the Crystal Children currently birthing onto the planet. As a mother of two beautiful crystal children, and through my own ongoing rebirthing process, I recognise the importance of humanity's connection to the Crystal Children and the importance of supporting these children to sustain their unique connection to the Grid, Crystals & Light. As we all birth more into the light we shall become one energetically with the crystal children and co-create our heaven on earth. It is an honour & pleasure for me to work with people on all levels and situations whether on a one to one basis, or within a workshop environment or out on sacred sites.


Wishing you a joyful & inspiring journey



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