Welcome to the Meditation Sanctuary.

All these meditations are unique in that they are encoded with specific frequencies, codes and keys. This feeds your body & consciousness so you can over time embody and integrate more light. 

Work with these Frequency Meditations as often as you feel guided. It's not usual to work with these frequency meditations up to twice a day.


Ascension Flame Frequency Meditation

Travel to the Ascension Temple & receive an initiation of the Ascension Flame. Connect to specific Masters in support of your ascension journey


Reclaiming Your Power Frequency Meditation

This Frequency Meditation takes you back in time, to all those lifetimes where you gave your power away. You'll clear this source of pain to stop karmic leakages into this lifetime. The Animal Magic energy then comes into play with the Hummingbird, Dryad and Scarab. Supporting you energetically to hold your light & rejuvenate and revitalise your physical & emotional body. Finally a deep sense of rebirth can filter into your body and consciousness through the Scarab so that you can feel more flow, ease & manifestation.

Cutting of the Cord Procedure


Powerful procedure to support you to energetically clear cords & ties that have been holding you back and keeping you locked at a ceratian vibration. Especially useful when dealing with karmic situations. Use this procedure often when life gets intense. 


Violet Flame Procedure

Use this procedure whenever you're in a purification process, initiation or when life simply gets intense! This procedure used ofetn will support you to energetically keep yourself clear of distortion and negative emotions and perceptions as they come up to the surface to clear. You'll probably want to use this procedure often.


Third Eye Activation

Channelled frequency meditation incorporating the frequencies of Butterfly, Hare & Dragonfly, a third eye activation, clearing in the throat chakra & Archangel Michael. 


Power of Crystal Technology

Crystals are amazing and very powerful frequency tools. The key to working with crystals is to be able to connect with them energetically so that you can absorb & integrate the powerful energies that they resonate.

In this powerful frequency meditation I am going to take you energetically into the realms of the Crystals so that you can begin to experience &/or deepen your connection to crystal

Perfect for you if;

Would like to make a stronger connection to the Crystal Realms

Own a Crystal and would like to connect to that crystal

Would like to be able to absorb the healing frequencies of Crystals