Crystal Merkaba Grid™Journeys

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Join Chloe energetically at different Sacred Sites all over the world. Receive activations, keys and codes that are available from these grid points so that you can accelerate your ascension journey, self heal, awaken & integrate your Lightbody.

These Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journeys below are available to work with straight away. Once you have completed your order, you'll be sent an email with your login and password details so you can access your Frequency package.



Sacred Site Location - London City's Hidden Site

Empowerment, Self Worth & Manifestation


Join Chloe in this unique Merkaba Crystal Grid™ Journey. In this grid experience you'll be taken energetically through the Crystal Merkaba Grid meditation to an interdimensional portal located within the ancient city of London. 

Here you'll receive initiations & clearings to support your Empowerment Process & be able to;

•  Clear wounding held in your Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra that has inhibited you from owning your power

•  Create a flow of energy between your Solar Plexus & Heart so that you can hold your power through your heart

•  Receive an Initiation of the Sword for Purification & Divine Will

•  Work with the Dragon Power procedure for wellbeing, psychic protection & divine will


This Crystal grid journey is perfect if you're;

• Going through an empowerment process & need more energetic support

• Feeling drawn to initiate an empowerment process within yourself

Wanting to enhance your self worth and manifestation abilities



Sacred Site Location - Four Corners, United States

Activate Cosmic Codes


Join Chloe on a Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to the Four Corners area in the USA. This site is highly sacred to the Native Americans. It's connected to ancient prophesies concerning the future of our world and has doorways into the dimensions of Orion & Pleiades.  

At this location whilst being sustained within a higher dimension through the Merkaba Crystal Grid™ you'll have the opportunity to;

•  Awaken ancient cosmic codes that have laid dormant in your DNA

•  Receive a Starseed Activation

•  Support the anchoring of higher frequencies of light onto the planet

•  Work with Crystal Skull technology

•  Reconnect to who you truly are


This Crystal grid journey is perfect if you're;

•   A Lightworker, starseed, empath, earth healer, indigo, and earth angel

•  Being called to "level up" & step more into why you came here

•  Feeling drawn to support the earth & humanity


Sacred Site Location - Chartres, France

Awaken the Divine Feminine

Join Chloe on this Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Experience & be taken energetically to the ancient Goddess Site of Chartres Cathedral, France. 

Here you'll receive light codes, initiations & activations into the teachings of the Black Madonna - a sacred lineage of priestess teachings on the Goddess, the healing powers of nature, the magical properties of elements and elementals and the ability to purify to enable the embodiment of these sacred teachings into ones body & consciousness for ascension & spiritual growth.

In this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey You'll;

* Access this interdimensional portal at Chartres and participate in the energy and frequencies located at this sacred site.

* Embody the energy & teachings of the Black Madonna

* Connect to an ancient energy that the druids of Carnute understood & worshipped

* Tap into the creative powers of the Black Ray for Alchemy, Transference & Magic

* Gain deeper understanding into the mystical teachings of the Christ

* Support a purification process of the ego so can become more spiritually empowered