Join Chloe to experience an energetic journey through space and time to download the necessary keys and codes from these powerful vortex's to support the anchoring & integration of your lightbody, by receiving Lightcodes for Activations,  Healings  &  Anchoring of Higher Gifts & Talents.


•  Receive specific lightcodes from sacred sites to amplify your lightbody for more Wellbeing

•  Anchor Higher Gifts & Talents so you can share your gifts with the world

• Experience different realities & realms to open up your perception & clear distortion & old patterns

• Gain greater awareness energetically of Sacred Sites & support your Spiritual growth

• Fast Track your Spiritual Evolution just like the Masters

• Clear Karma associated with Sacred Sites & Specific Grid Locations


Each sacred site holds specific keys and codes and links to cosmic realms that are unique to that location. Even if you have been to that location many times before because of the consistent upgrades to the grid at this present moment in our history you may well find that you are drawn to that site energetically again. At each sacred site we work together and form an etheric circle of light, supporting the Elemental, Angelic & Galactic beings of light to bring through more light frequencies and anchor them onto the planet for healing & ascension.