About Full Moon Temple Healings

During each Full Moon we gather etherically in our Temple of Light for Purifications, Initiations, Light Transmissions & Healing.

You are personally called into the Temple where Chloe works with you within the group to clear, activate & infuse higher frequencies of light into your etheric body.

You'll receive a Full Transference Healing session. This consists of both alchemical frequencies of light for transformation & transmutation as well as Lightbody frequencies which support the anchoring and integration of your Higher Self & higher gifts and talents. 

Also depending on what is going on for you personally & in accordance with your Higher Self, you'll have the opportunity to download specific frequencies of light, receive initiations for being more of service as a lightworker & also experience Lightbody activations.

You'll then spend the rest of the month integrating the Full Moon Temple healing into your daily life. The Urban Goddess Program & its corresponding Frequency meditations will really support you to do this.

Chloe provides feedback so that you can more consciously identify with what occurred during the Temple Healing and work with specific energies to support the integration over the next 4 weeks until the next Full Moon Temple Healing.

Keep referring back to this page as often as you feel guided so that you can stay as conscious as possible for the embodiment of more light.