In this grid experience you were taken energetically through the Crystal Merkaba Grid meditation to an interdimensional portal located within the ancient city of London. Here you'll receive initiations & clearings to support your Empowerment Process.

Discover why past masters would travel far distances to come to this grid location to receive an initiation ordained by beings from Orion for their Spiritual Empowerment journey.

Work with Dragon Power & the Frequency of the Sword for Divine Will

In this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey You’ll;

• Access an inter dimensional portal to experience the galactic realms of Orion for the manifestation of your lightbody

• Connect to the teachings of Dragon Power for the resourcing of your energy & psychic protection

• Discover Crystals that will ground & keep you focused

• Support a purification of the ego so can become more spiritually empowered

• Understand why Divine Will is so vital to your Ascension Journey