With the Hold Your Light Archetype you’ve probably been on the spiritual path for a while now. You may at times feel a little bit like an outsider due to the way you think and feel about life. The majority of humanity are in the first initial stages of the awakening process so most people may not be able to understand or relate to your level of consciousness & awareness.

This can be a challenging time as you'll be called to have to hold your light amongst your soul group - family, work colleagues & friends. You become essentially the torch bearer for this group and its part of your service as a lightworker to energetically support those in your soul group. You have to hold your light amongst power plays, psychic attack and people feeling threatened by your energy and light. You also have to be able to stay balanced whilst going through purification process's

In this phase of your spiritual journey your Higher Self is trying to guide you to awaken your inner goddess. Embodying the feminine principle is an essential part of your spiritual path. This is the case whether you're male or female. We're all in the process of becoming more androgynous in our way of being. So balancing out both our male and female energies is essential. However, so many of us have disconnected to aspects of our feminine energy due to many lifetimes of suppression of the feminine energies.

Some of these feminine qualities include;

* Ability to connect to our emotions

* Awakened Psyche - intuition, clairsentience, clairaudience, instinctual awareness etc

* Introspection & ability to go within

* Flow & Creativity


This phase will include learning how to go within so you can develop your intuition, open up your psyche & learn how to hold your light. Through doing this you'll be able to sustain yourself for longer periods of time in the fifth dimension.

During this phase you start to begin a deeper level of introspection. Understanding what your limiting beliefs and core wounding are and learning how to navigate the purification process so that you can hold more and more light is key to this phase of your ascension journey.

As you open up more of your psyche you'll start to have more awareness of energy, its impact on you and how important it is to be able to run energy and light frequencies on a regular basis for your health & wellbeing as well as to accelerate your ascension journey.

Running energy and/or working with light frequencies through healing & meditation at this level are essential if you want to master this next level of your spiritual journey.

It's crucial at this stage that you can purify and surrender in the moment otherwise you'll leak your energy and light to others, situations, your own weaknesses and past life wounding. This is what keeps so many spiritually aware people stuck in this phase as they struggle or don't understand how to hold their light and complete a purification process.

During this stage you're learning how to hold your light within yourself and your immediate soul group - so family, friends and work group. You have to be able to do this first within yourself and then within your immediate soul group first before you can go out and be more of service in a larger way.