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working with Transference Healing® frequencies

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About Chloe

Chloe is a Grid Channeler & Divine Geomancer who works with the grids of the planet to restore Peace, Balance & Harmony. She is a group facilitator & cosmic channel teaching and inspiring in others to bring light & insight to challenging situations, clearing old internal patterns & supporting entry into higher levels of global service & awakening.

Chloe works on a multidimensional level whilst on location, enabling her to attune and tap into the grid on many different levels in space, time & dimension. This supports her to clear distortion, make adjustments and recalibrations to the grid lines restoring balance & harmony. This also enables Chloe to take people on an energetic journey through space and time to download the necessary keys and codes from these powerful vortexs to support the anchoring & integration of their lightbody whilst on these powerful grid points of the earth.

Through Chloe's divine guidance & connection to her star lineage she is guided to different locations around the world that hold specific keys, codes & light frequencies through their interconnecting gateways into other star systems & dimensions. By traveling in her lightbody, Chloe has the ability to connect with and into these different realms & dimensions whilst at these sacred locations bringing through new perspectives, frequencies of light & wisdom teachings for the group.