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Learn the essential steps to unlocking your Spiritual Potential to Step into Your Destiny. Free On Demand Masterclass

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infuse Light to Nourish Your Soul, Crystalize Your Spirit & Activate Your Destiny

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Discover the Latest Crystal Grid Journey

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EarthStar Temple All Access Pass

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About Chloe

Infuse higher frequencies of Light, Keys & Grid Codes to Activate your Lightbody, Awaken dormant Spiritual Mastery Codes & Birth your Divinity.

Chloe works with the profound frequencies of Transference Healing® & her Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys to infuse light, activate codes & support deep clearings within your energy pattern.

Through this transformative process you’ll release inner blocks, karmic wounding & distortions that have held you back over lifetimes from embodying your Spiritual Power & Higher Gifts & Talents.

Chloe holds an energetic space in her Earthstar Temple membership portal for all spiritually awakening souls who are drawn and feel compelled to fast track their spiritual potential in this lifetime.

Each month Chloe works energetically with the group infusing light & clearing distortions for self healing & mastery. She also facilitates her Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys - a unique spiritual technology that works with Crystal Grids, Lightbody & Merkaba technology.

In these Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys travel energetically to Sacred Sites & Powerful Vortex’s to infuse specific frequencies available from these inter dimensional access points.

With each Journey, Chloe works with the Star Elders who were a soul group of higher beings who participated in the formation of this planet and who were instrumental in bringing through key lightbody teachings during the Golden Ages of Atlantis & Ancient Egypt.

Each journey takes you through a portal in time & space, located at a specific grid point on this planet. Some of these vortex's are well known and others have been shut down, kept hidden or just lost in the mists of time.

With the right frequency it's possible to enter into these other worldly dimensions to receive higher frequencies of light, keys and codes that can create healing & alchemy in the body and build & crystalise your lightbody for the eventual birthing of your divine self.