Full Moon Temple Healing in Scorpio

April 2018


full moon.png

Lunar Temple Frequency Package


1. Opening Ceremony




The above video is a short opening ceremony calling everyone into our Temple of Light.

You can view it if you wish to connect in but it is not necessary. I just included it for those who may like to connect in more consciously with the group



2. Full Moon Temple Healing Feedback

The Full Moon Temple Healing is now complete. You were personally called into the Temple and infused with a range of high ascension frequencies both alchemical & lightbody in nature. I have recorded the feedback of what occurred in this healing so you can identify with the different energies that came through and give you focus on what to work with over the next few weeks to help to integrate.



3. Animal Medicine Cards for this Healing




4. Channelled Frequency Meditation - Reclaiming Your Power

This is the channelled frequency meditation that accompanies the Full Moon Temple Healing. This has been specifically channelled through to support the integration of the healing. (You'll find the download for the meditation at the top )

This Frequency Meditation takes you back in time, to all those lifetimes where you gave your power away. You'll clear this source of pain to stop karmic leakages into this lifetime. The Animal Magic energy then comes into play with the Hummingbird, Dryad and Scarab. Supporting you energetically hold your light & rejuvenate and revitalise your physical & emotional body. Finally a deep sense of rebirth can filter into your body and consciousness through the Scarab so that you can feel more flow, ease & manifestation.



5. Recommendations for the Lunar Month April - May 2018

Here's a list of energy work, procedures & frequency meditations that I feel would be most helpful in supporting you to integrate the Temple Healing for this lunar month.

1. Work with the Channelled Frequency Meditation (as often as guided ) 

2. Work with the Cutting the Cord Procedure (for clearing karmic ties, hook ins and leaking energy)

3. Work with the Violet Flame Procedure ( for transmuting fear from base chakra )

4. Go out into nature, find a tree that calls you & connect to its energy

 (You'll find the meditations & procedures in the Meditation & Procedure Category)




 6.  Q & A Session

For our Q & A session please email me your questions