Full Moon Temple Healing

Lunar Temple Frequency package

27th July 2018 - 26th August 2018

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1. Opening Ceremony


Calling in our Soul Group into our etheric Temple of Light.



Full Moon Temple Healing Feedback


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The Full Moon Temple Healing is now complete.

You were personally called into the Temple and infused with a range of High Ascension frequencies. The ascension modality I work with to facilitate this whole process is called Transference Healing®.

For your ease, I have provided both written & audio feedback depending on which way you prefer to absorb information. 

The feedback that I have provided is so that you can consciously identify with what occurred during the Temple Healing and work with specific energies to support the integration over the next 4 weeks until our next Full Moon Temple Healing on the 26th August.

Keep refering back to this page as often as you feel guided so that you can stay as conscious as possible for the embodiment of more light.



About Transference Healing®

Transference Healing is an ascension modality that works with both alchemy and lightbody to create profound transformations to embody light and integrate the lightbody. It works on two main levels. Firstly, creating alchemy within your body & consciousness on all levels of your being - physical, emotional & mental so that you can progressively over time anchor & embody your Adam Kadmon body. This creates the blueprint for your lightbody to anchor in. Secondly, Transference Healing® works with your lightbody and the electromagnetic plane so that you can anchor more light and tap into your higher gifts and talents. This is the spiritual technology behind the enlightenment process. The Lightbody work is unique to Transference Healing®. Due to the earth shifts and the planet entering into the fifth dimension, working with the Lightbody and Lightbody symptoms will become more pronounced since we are all now feeling compelled to work more at this level to sustain balance, wellness & accelerate our ascension journey.


Overview for this Month of July-August 2018

This Full Moon Temple Healing was facilitated on a powerful grid vortex in SW France. The land of Mary Magdalene, Goddess Isis & Cosmic Gateway to the dimension of Sirius.

The frequencies from Sirius support us in our embodiment of Christ Consciousness through the ability to create profound states of purification within every aspect of our being - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

These frequencies essentially activate the higher initiations that we go through as we step more onto our Ascension Path.

July is the month leading up to the Sirian gateway in August when the frequencies of Sirius impact the earth & the grid the most. 

Personally I have found when working with people on this unique grid location in my 1-1 sessions that many have gone through higher activations and initiations whilst I have been working on their patterning. This is also what occurred in this Full Moon Temple Healing.

An initiation, as delegated via Spirit, was facilitated & activated through me to support an infusion of high frequencies of light for the decoding and recoding of the DNA and the anchoring of gifts and talents.

Once initiated, this infusion of light has to be integrated into all aspects of your being. This is where the purification process will come in coupled with your ability to hold your light and stay detached as it ripples out into your reality.

How much you are able to integrate and hold this new reality is completely related to your ability to surrender and let go and  your willingness to follow through with your intuition and take action on that. This requires a lot of faith & trust.

The more you can do this more you will manifest new beginnings and a reality that reflects your Higher Self.


Audio Feedback



Animal Magic Reading


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Bull : Fox : Hare



Channelled Frequency Meditation


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Channeled Meditation - Staying Detached

Channelled frequency meditation incorporating a Higher Activation & Initiation of Light & the Animal Magic Frequencies all in support of the integration of the Full Moon Temple Healing


Receiving the energy is only one half to the ascension process. Once you have received these higher transmissions of light you'll need to integrate them into your body and consciousness.

To do this you'll go through a process of purification where denser energies, distortions and lower energies will come up to the surface to be cleared. This can be on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. This is perfectly normal and quite honestly the only way you'll be able to fully integrate and embody light. There is no way round.  Often I feel there is quite a lot of illusion within the spiritual industry around this process. It's the main reason why people get stuck, plateau and don't fulfill their true potential in regards to their Spiritual Journey. It's so easy to get stuck in the clearing process.

This is one of the main reasons why I created the Urban Goddess Program - to support people in this clearing process. The full program is available in the Ascension Temple. You'll want to review it as often as you feel drawn so you can really embed it into your consciousness. This takes time to master.


Here are some recommendations to support you to integrate this healing.


Recommendations For Everyone

• Your ability to stay detached & not get so impacted by other peoples energy is going to be key for you this month. Call upon the energy of the FOX to support you.

• Urban Goddess Frequency Meditation - Surrender & Let Go. 

• When feeling any fear, agitation or any type of intensity - work with the Violet Flame Procedure to instantly transmute the energy.

• Crystals to use; 

Moldavite - Connection to the Stars

Danburite - Bringing through Higher Frequencies

Citrine - Strengthening Solar Plexus

• When things get all a bit too much just go into your heart and balance from there. 

•  Listen to this months Full Moon Temple Healing Channelled Meditation as often as guided


Recommendations For Transference Healing Graduates

• Feeling Vortex Procedure

• Holding Power of Light Procedure &/or Essence

• 5 Power symbols Procedure (if Advanced Graduate)

• Make up a Channelled Lightbody Essence from your Lightbody kit - Moldavite, Danburite, Empowering Wisdom, Alchemy, Mars, Water, Yellow & Icosahedron (if Advanced graduate).



Upcoming Event - Chiron Workshop


(included for all Soul & Inner Temple Members)

Understand your core wounding and how you can release and resolve aspects of this wounding to Self Heal & Self Master.

Connecting to and knowing how to work with your Chiron is the Key to your enlightenment journey.