About the Frequencies of Transference Healing®

Transference Healing is an ascension modality that works with both alchemy and lightbody to create profound transformations to embody light and integrate the lightbody. It works on two main levels. Firstly, creating alchemy within your body & consciousness on all levels of your being - physical, emotional & mental so that you can progressively over time anchor & embody your Adam Kadmon body. This creates the blueprint for your lightbody to anchor in. Secondly, Transference Healing® works with your lightbody and the electromagnetic plane so that you can anchor more light and tap into your higher gifts and talents. This is the spiritual technology behind the enlightenment process. The Lightbody work is unique to Transference Healing®. Due to the earth shifts and the planet entering into the fifth dimension, working with the Lightbody and Lightbody symptoms will become more pronounced since we are all now feeling compelled to work more at this level to sustain balance, wellness & accelerate our ascension journey.


Overview for this Month SEptember - October 2018

This healing was specifically focusing on the navel chakra, detoxifying the glandular system so that the reproductive organs could rejuvenate & the emotions balance. The Dryad energy came though to further create an alchemical healing process working with the frequency of Amber to clear Karma, painful subconscious memories & distortions so that the physical body though the glandular system can heal. 



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