What are Full Moon Temple Healings

Each month around the full moon Chloe will call together the Soul group and work with you energetically to clear etheric distortions, past life woundings & karmic density.


She will then infuse higher frequencies of light from the elementals, angelic & cosmic planes as well as work with your lightbody. ( This is where your Higher Gifts and talents are accessed)


The whole process is one of Decoding & Recoding. The more you can keep on completing these cycles of Death/Rebirth within yourself the more light you will embody into your body & consciousness and the more you can shine & radiate your light out into the world.


Chloe works with the profound ascension frequencies of Transference Healing. This is an ancient transformative energy that contains all the frequencies necessary to support you where ever you are in your Mastery journey.


After each session Chloe will record the feedback detailing what occurred during the session, give guidance  & recommendations on what to work with during the rest of the month so that you can embody the healing fully.


This will give you a framework and an awareness as to what is going on energetically and what you can work on so that you can keep moving forward, shifting frequency & embodying more light.


Throughout the rest of the month you 'll be working at integrating the shifts that occured during the healing so that you can hold more light & resonate a higher frequency out into the world.


You'll then use the workshops, trainings & meditations in the Ascension Temple Library as a way to embody and integrate your ascension healing session.