Your Lunar Frequency Package

23rd Nov - 22Dec 2018

You were personally called into the Temple and infused with a range of High Ascension frequencies. The ascension modality I work with to facilitate this whole process is called Transference Healing®.

For your ease, I have provided both written & audio feedback depending on which way you prefer to absorb information. 

The feedback that I have provided is so that you can consciously identify with what occurred during the Temple Healing and work with specific energies to support the integration over the next 4 weeks until our next Full Moon Temple Healing.

Keep refering back to this page as often as you feel guided so that you can stay as conscious as possible for the embodiment of more light.

Frequency Feedback

This Full Moon Temple Healing is focused all around the Third Eye, electromagnetic light & importance of grounding - all essential to support the anchoring of your Higher Self.

Some symptoms may include feeling frazzled, disorientated and buzz-i-ness sensations.

Important to stay focused on being grounded so that you can energetically pull though those higher frequencies into your physical body. The insights and revelations come once you have grounded the light all the way through.

It so happens that I will be facilitating our next Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey on the awakening of the third eye next week. I am sure this is not a coincidence :)

I feel that this healing is to further enhance the energetic download that you’ll receive from the Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey. The more lightcodes you can absorb through your third eye being open, the more light can come though, your lightbody then builds and this facilitates your Higher Self to anchor more into your body & consciousness.


Recommendations for this month


For Everyone

  1. Work with any grounding crystals - haematite, black tourmaline etc. You could even make you buy yourself some haematite bracelets/anklets and wear them on your ankles &/or haematite at the base of the bed. Follow your intuition.

2. Consciously ground into the earth as often as possible - visualise this, go out into nature etc

3. Energetically work with your Earthstar chakra by placing your awareness into it and feeling its energy.

For Transference Healing Graduates

  1. Work E6 in the Four Planes of Transformation

  2. Run the Holding Power of Light Procedure often

  3. Work with Raven Power and Ha16 Procedure

  4. Mental Pain Release - support frazzled nerves etc

  5. Lines of Force to ground directly into the grid

LightBody Essences

Amazonite, Moldavite, Holding Power of Light, Gold, Venus, Water, Violet, Dodecahedron