Your Lunar Frequency Package

19th Feb - 20th March 2019

You were personally called into the Temple and infused with a range of High Ascension frequencies. The ascension modality I work with to facilitate this whole process is called Transference Healing®.

For your ease, I have provided both written & audio feedback depending on which way you prefer to absorb information. 

The feedback that I have provided is so that you can consciously identify with what occurred during the Temple Healing and work with specific energies to support the integration over the next 4 weeks until our next Full Moon Temple Healing.

Keep referring back to this page as often as you feel guided so that you can stay as conscious as possible for the embodiment of more light.

Frequency Feedback OverView

This Full Moon Temple Healing is a Super Moon - the strongest of this year.

Since it’s at 0 degrees of Virgo it contains limitless potential & opportunities. After the eclipse series in January, which shook up a lot of stagnant energy this Full Moon is here to support us to tap into our potential and manifest opportunities for growth, service & a new reality.

The cards for this month are -Scarab, Dryad, Salamander


Recommendations for this month


For Everyone

1.Work with Chrysocolla

2. Call in Scarab, Dryad & Salamander

3. Take extra special care of yourself by meditating & working with Frequency

4. Work with the Tree Magic & Supermoon Meditation & Urban Goddess M5

5. Rest when needed

For Transference Healing Graduates

  1. Run Holding Power of Light

  2. 5 power Symbols

  3. Work with Raven Power

LightBody Essences

Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Raven Power, Rainbow Rebirth, Saturn, Water, Purple, Dodecahedron