Frequency Meditations

Frequency Meditations are a powerful & unique type of guided visualisation. This is because they're encoded with specific frequencies. They are perfect for purifying & raising your frequency, supporting you to go within, connect with your inner goddess & birth your divine sense of self. 


Urban Goddess™ Mini Kit

This mini kit is perfect if you're new to meditation or if you 're tight on time. Each meditation is no longer than 10 minutes long & covers a range of different situations & daily challenges.


* Designed for the Ultra Busy Goddess

* Ideal for beginners or intermediate ability

* Each meditation is no longer than 10 mins

* Covers a range of different situations & daily challenges

* Suite of 5 Meditations

* A mini version of the Urban Goddess® Program




Urban Goddess™Program

This Meditation & Transformational Program empowers you to clear self limiting beliefs, connect you to your inner wisdom & step out of your comfort zone so you can shine your light & create your dream life. 

To create positive changes in your life  you need to develop daily systems that will support you to make those changes. Nothing will change unless you commit to daily action. Those changes need to be internal at first and that will then ripple out into your external world through your behaviours & actions.

This is why I created the Urban Goddess® Program. It's a daily system that you can just literally plug and play. Everything is done for you.