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• You're passionate about your Spiritual Growth & you're ready to step into your next level of Self Mastery. It's time, and you know that deep inside of you.


• Maybe you're in a rapid awakening process & you're running to catch up with your Higher Self. You have a deep desire for more knowledge & awareness and wanting to be able to anchor and embody these changes with as much ease & grace as possible into your daily life.


• Maybe life has thrown you a curveball - it could be physical, relationship, emotional or spiritual. You need monthly guidance & energetic support to move you swiftly through this catalytic stage for deep and profound transformation.


• You feel you're here for a reason. You have a mission & destiny even though you don't know exactly what that is right now. You're ready to work on yourself at a deeper level, through energy work & introspection to birth your Higher Gifts & Talents & be more of service.


• You want to Empower yourself by uncovering the inner blocks & wounding that has been holding you back. You need spiritual tools on how to shift & transmute them so that they eventually become your greatest strengths.


• You have a deep thirst for knowledge and you're looking for more awareness and understanding on all things spiritual - deeper connection to spirit,  opening your psyche, embodying your higher self, connecting to angels, inner guidance, shamanic, spiritual empowerment, alchemy & lightbody. You understand that all knowledge though needs to be applied and embodied on a daily basis otherwise it remains in the air - on the mental plane. You need knowledge but also the practical tools to embody it too.