Empowerment Through the Heart

Online Workshop

You're the co creator of your reality

Empowerment & learning how to navigate the empowerment process is an essential aspect to our ascension & spiritual journey.

We're all moving away from fear, separation, psychic shut down, feelings of scarcity & disempowerment and transforming into beings of light.


Some key aspects to this transmutation process include;

* Opening up of our psychic abilities

* Kundalini Awakening & subsequent journey through all the main chakras

* 7 main chakras all open, balanced & aligned

* Third & Fourth Eye opened

* Higher Chakras (earthstar etc) integrated with 7 main chakras

* Merkaba Activated

* Lightbody Integrated

* Ability to travel interdimensionally and connect with the elementals, galactic and ascended masters for universal wisdom

* Diamond Consciousness Awakened

* Higher Gift & Talents birthed

* Aspects of your Oversoul integrated



This is a huge process and along the way you'll go through universal challenges so that you can hold higher and higher levels of frequency & light.


Some of these challenges could be in the form of;

•  power plays where you're being drawn into an energy play

• being pushed to hold your light more due to others criticising you or having negative thoughts about you, who you are and what you stand for. 

• under psychic attack

• spiritual initiation to hold your light and stay in your heart whilst others flip out around you

• being challenged to step into a higher leadership role either personally, professionally or spiritually

• feeling emotions of low self worth, lack of confidence & "what's the point" syndrome

• struggling not to project out your energy onto others because your struggling to release & purify the negativity within  yourself


These can all be signs that you're in a process of empowerment.


This workshop is perfect for anyone who feels drawn to understanding how to work more consciously through this process.


In this workshop we'll cover;


†  How to deal with energy plays effectively

†  What it means to hold you light & how you can do this on a regular basis

†  How you 're leaking energy & how to stop that happening

†  What is Divine Will & why it's so vital to your empowerment process

†  How to protect against psychic attack

†  How to clear negative emotions such as low self worth, lack of confidence & feeling useless.

†  How to release & purify without projecting out


This workshop will be like a blueprint for you on how to deal with power issues & how to become more empowered.

I will go through the exact process that I use to support myself and we'll work with the energy of Dragon Power at a deeper level. 

You'll receive plenty of tools including a Dragon Power frequency meditation that you can use over and over again to support you on your ascension journey.


Tools & procedures in this Workshop Include;

Severing Karmic Ties

Violet Flame Procedure

White Light Procedure

Animal Magic Totems for Empowerment

Crystals for Empowerment