Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journey

Empowerment Through the Heart

Sacred Site Location - London City


Welcome to your Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey Experience. In this grid experience you'll be taken energetically through the Crystal Merkaba Grid meditation to an interdimensional portal located within the ancient city of London. You may listen to this frequency package as often as you feel guided but once is more than enough to get started. 

Your Frequency Package consists of;

•  A Frequency Video detailing the spiritual & historical information of London City's sacred grid point

•  A Channelled Presentation 

•  A Merkaba Meditation 

Contained within this experience are also direct transmissions of light for empowerment, divine will & purification. 

* Important - Due to the fact you may become altered whilst listening to this Frequency package we do not recommend listening whilst using heavy machinery, driving or anything else that requires your full focus.


Frequency Video


Frequency Presentation+ Meditation


Merkaba Meditation begins around 38.30 .....


How to Work with this Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journey

This frequency package contains the Video, Presentation & Meditation. 

Because you're working with energy, we suggest you listen to this package whilst in a clear, high frequency space. That way you'll be able to absorb more of the energy into your body & consciousness.

It is also recommended (but not necessary) to work with the Empowerment, Self Worth & Manifestation Grid. This will deepen your experience of the frequency meditation by sustaining you and your environment within this new holographic reality created by the Empowerment Grid.

Use this frequency package as often as you feel guided. Please be aware though that as you work with this journey, you're initiating a purification and release process, where old patterning, modes of behaviour and self limiting beliefs will start to come up to the surface to be released. 


All about Your Empowerment Journey

This Merkaba Crystal Grid™Experience will support you to take your next step in your empowerment journey. This means that you'll probably go through initiations of power so that you can learn how to hold that next level of empowerment energetically.

This can take many forms, such as;

- power plays where you're being drawn into an energy play

- being pushed to hold your light more due to others criticising you or having negative thoughts about you, who you are and what you stand for. 

- under psychic attack

- spiritual initiation to hold your light and stay in your heart whilst others flip out around you

- being challenged to step into a higher leadership role either personally, professionally or spiritually

- feeling emotions of low self worth, lack of confidence & "what's the point" syndrome

- projecting out your energy onto others because your struggling to release & purify the negativity within  yourself


These can all be signs that you're in a process of empowerment.


Next Steps .....

Now that you have been energetically activated to go through a process of empowerment, you may wish to work at a deeper level. Here are some high frequency products that we recommend to support you so you can continue to anchor, integrate & sustain the purifications and shifts of consciousness triggered by this Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journey.


Recommended Empowerment Products;


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