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If you're drawn to accelerate your spiritual growth & consciously feel compelled to work with yourself energetically, then you'll at some point, if not already, go through a process of empowerment. There is no defining point when that stops. Empowerment is an aspect of Self Mastery so there is always a larger space to expand into therefore pushing your empowerment to the next level.

Empowerment can take many different forms whether that be personal, professional or even spiritual. 

Maybe you're;

•  Wanting more self confidence & inner strength either personally, professionally or spiritually

•  Ready for expansion & new opportunities to blossom through your new sense of self

•  Trying to gain your power back from someone else or a situation which has left you feeling disempowered & weak 

•  You feel like you don't have enough personal power & you feel unacknowledged & unappreciated for want you do & who you are

•  Accelerating your spiritual growth and are ready to take your next step on your journey

•  In an initiation and need more support to surrender to Divine Will


No matter where you're at in your journey, the empowerment process & the ability to develop Divine Will is absolutely essential. If you cannot surrender to Divine Will you'll not be able to receive the downloads of light to expand your light & consciousness.


Receive an Initiation of the Sword & work with Dragon Power



In this Merkaba Crystal Grid™ you'll be taken energetically to a hidden sacred site located in London. This site in ancient times had a direct connection to the dimension of Orion. Leaders, kings & spiritual initiates would come here to receive an initiation for their next level of empowerment.

At this location whilst being sustained within a higher dimension through the Merkaba Crystal Grid™ you'll have the opportunity to;

•  Clear wounding held in your Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra that has inhibited you from owning your power

•  Create a flow of energy between your Solar Plexus & Heart so that you can hold your power through your heart

•  Receive an Initiation of the Sword for Purification & Divine Will

•  Work with the Dragon Power procedure for wellbeing, psychic protection & divine will

•  Receive the Holding Power of Light procedure so you can sustain more light in your etheric body


†  A Merkaba Crystal Grid™Experience for interdimensional access into the realms sustained at the London grid point

†  Channelled presentation 

†  Channelled meditation 

† Frequency Video detailing the spiritual & historical information of this grid point 

† Direct transmissions of light for empowerment, divine will & purification