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Sustain Yourself Every Day in Higher Frequencies of Light

A membership site for Spiritual Souls who are guided to accelerate their Spiritual Journey, Awaken dormant Gifts & Talents & Shine their Light out into the World.

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Are your Ready to Radiate Your Light?

We’re in a huge planetary shift where spiritually aware souls, just like you, are being called to step into their Power, embrace their unique Gifts & Talents and spread their Light.

Maybe you have felt the calling but have struggled to anchor & ground your spiritual wisdom & knowledge into your daily life, simply wish to accelerate & fast track your growth or wish to be sustained in higher crystalline frequencies of Light on an ongoing basis.

Does this resonate with you? Maybe …….

 • You have read all the self help books, gone on numerous spiritual workshops yet nothing is changing

  • You know you have more to give to the World but you don't know how to make this happen or what "it" actually is that you would like to do.

  • You understand that the way you think and feel impacts your life but you do not know how to access this power & have the ability to change your world for the better.    

  • You want to enhance your intuition, psychic abilities & inner guidance so you can feel spiritually empowered & more connected to the universe

  • You feel that whatever you try & create in your life you never quite make it happen for you whether that is creating more abundance, wellness or emotional stability.

  • You struggle to step out of your comfort zone due to fear or overwhelm

  • You know you have self - limiting block that are holding you back but you don't know how to clear them so you can finally move forward live your purposeful life

  • You want to feel more empowered and have more self worth - like you matter, but you don't know how to shift this within yourself

  • You often feel overwhelmed with your emotions & would like to have more balance & harmony in your relationships.

  • You have a inner sense that there is so much more to your life than your every day living but you don't know what it is, what it looks like or, most importantly, how to achieve that.   

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Rest assured all these feelings & situations are a normal part of any Spiritual Journey.

The key is to know how to continually shift your frequency so that you don’t get stuck in the purification process & are able to continually move through these death/rebirth cycles.

This is where I see most people getting stuck. In fact it doesn’t matter how often you meditate, try & stay positive or read spiritual books, if you’re not able to work through this internal death/rebirth ( decoding/recoding process you will find that your outer life will not reflect your spiritual beliefs.

However once you understand how to work with the decoding and recoding process to shift frequency everything will start to transform in your life.

As you do this you’ll be able to access more refined, higher frequencies of light & prana to create Alchemical change & integrate more of your Lightbody.

As you awaken, anchor & expand your Lightbody you’ll be able to access the Spiritual realms & live Heaven on Earth.


Develop a deeper sense of connection to yourself, others & the Universe

Awaken Your Psyche & connect to the Goddess frequencies

Free yourself from limiting beliefs and negative programming that have kept you stuck in the past

Anchor Higher Gifts & Talents & fulfill your destiny

Empower yourself be a light leader & healer

Learn how to be more conscious of your subconscious patterning so you can release & let go

Deepen your experience of meditation 

Learn to co create more consciously & co create the Golden Age

Surrender and let go 

Connect to the Spiritual Realms & download universal knowledge & higher refined frequencies


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I created the Earthstar Temple Pass as a way for you to navigate your Journey with as much ease, grace & flow so you can embrace your Spiritual Destiny

The EarthStar Temple Pass is a powerful package of profound spiritual tools & high frequency energy that will shift your frequency & fast track your spiritual growth & destiny.

•  Each month you receive a Full Transference Healing in our etheric Full Moon Temple with recommendations for that month on how to integrate these new frequencies into your daily life. You then have 24/7 access to the recording, transcripts & meditation from that healing for the rest of that month.

• You’ll also have access to high vibrational energy from specific Sacred Sites all around the world. These infusions of light will propel your spiritual growth & the embodiment of your destiny & purpose

• + you’ll have 24/7 access to the Meditation Sanctuary, all previous Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys & Spiritual workshops.

This powerful combination of receiving unique high vibrational frequencies from Sacred Sites all of the world + Receiving a Full Transference Healing each month is like rocket fuel for your Ascension Journey. When you then add all the frequency meditations, ancient wisdom teachings & channelings that are included in the EarthStar Temple Pass you have an amazing and fully comprehensive Spiritual Acceleration system.

EarthStar Temple Pass at a Glance

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Receive a full Transference Healing® to Decode wounding that has kept you blocked & recode light to awaken your psyche & activate spiritual gifts.

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Online Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys to Sacred Sites all around the world. Absorb unique frequencies of light & gain greater awareness & understanding on key Mastery Teachings of Light & Alchemy

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24/7 access to a range of Spiritual Workshops on Empowerment, Spiritual Goal Setting, Chiron & New Moon Rituals

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24/7 access to all previous Sacred Site Journeys for Spiritual Upliftment & Light Infusions

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Frequency Meditations to support you daily to absorb light, decode & elevate your frequency

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Monthly list of recommended spiritual practices to keep you focused, up to date & connected to your Spiritual Path

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24/7 Access

All this goodness contained in one easy to access portal that you can access day or night

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Monthly energy work run on you to keep you purifying, connected & spiritually evolving, even if you don’t have time to do any extra Spiritual Spiritual

All of the above + Extra Bonus - The Urban Goddess Transformation Program

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About The Urban Goddess Program

A unique Meditation & Frequency Shifting System

This is my go to program for all my clients to support them to clear emotions & negative thought patterns that come up in the decoding process. This transformational program will empower you to clear self limiting beliefs, connect you to your inner wisdom & support you to step out of your comfort zone so you can finally shine your light & create your dream life. You’ll learn how to clear & transmute negativity as it rises up into your awareness so you can shift frequency & absorb more light.

  • 2o Step by Step Videos

  • 14 Frequency Meditations including Energy Management, Detoxing your World, Cultivating the Master Position, Wellness, Removing Abundance Blocks & Heart Acceptance.

You can cancel at any time

What Others Are Saying ….

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Amazing Spiritual Toolbox

“ I now have a wonderful spiritual & practical toolbox which provides the ability to work to reprogram negative thought patterns, habits & cycles that do not serve me.”

Emma Stott

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Suspended in a Space of Pure Potential

“ I have been in permanent bliss radiating from my heart. I feel like I am in a space of pure potential.

Thank you Chloe for supporting me through this opening with the EarthStar Temple ”

Teri Allen



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* 24/7 Access to Frequency Meditations to help you stay spiritually connected & moving forward on your Journey

* Receive a Monthly Transference Healing over the Full Moon with recommendations to keep you focused & on track

* Connect to Sacred Sites for Infusions of Light, Keys & Codes to accelerate your Destiny & Birth your gifts

* A complete Frequency Shifting system so you can co create your Golden Age

* There’s no obligation - you can cancel at any time


More Connected to my Higher Self

“I feel something profound is shifting in me. I was so moved and touched by your latest Sacred Online Journey. It brought me to another dimension. I feel it has shifted something inside of me and now I am feeling more stability & empowerment.”

Nicole, Netherlands


This Journey was Amazing & Beyond Words

“I felt it so much, it was incredible. I definitely drifted off into another consciousness and went very deep. I really enjoyed hearing all about the technology behind it which was fascinating and I learnt a great deal. You’re a very gifted teacher.”

Rachel, UK




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Discover this Magical Land where Mary Magdalene lived & the Cathars made their home.

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Connect to the profound frequencies of Ain Soph, the Goddess of Creation. Clear wounding in your Sacral Chakra & support your ability to co create & birth new beginnings

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Awaken more of your third eye & learn all about the technology involved & how you can support its divinely orchestrated awakening

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Receive activations for spiritual empowerment so that you can step more into your Destiny & embody power through the heart.

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Clear past life Atlantean Codes so you can awaken dormant spiritual gifts.

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Learn all about the Violet Flame & how to use it in your daily life.


About Chloe & Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys


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