Experience the Magic of Sacred Sites all from the comfort of your own home

Working with her unique spiritual gift Chloe takes you on profound & magical journeys through space & time to sacred sites around the world

These special power points located around the world where spiritual energy is more concentrated and amplified. They create unique doorways in space and time where magic happens. The veils are thinner here and interdimensional communication, healings and miracles are all possible from these locations.  

Each grid point holds unique energies, frequencies, codes and geometric templates that are specific to that particular grid location. When receiving light transmissions from a particular location these unique codes & energy patterns will filter through and form part of the complex energy infusions taking place

What's a Crystal Merkaba Grid?

The Crystal Merkaba Grid™ technology allows Chloe to travel in space and time to sacred sites to access the higher realms and dimensions that co exist at that grid point. 

This is what makes each location so powerful - the specific doorways and portals that can be accessed through lightbody technology at these sacred places. By accessing these portals you have the unique opportunity to recieve lightcodes, templates & keys for your spiritual journey. This is the knowledge & spiritual powers that the ancients understood & worked with.  

EXperience the Power of Merkaba travel for yourself  

Join Chloe to experience an energetic journey through space and time to download the necessary keys and codes from these powerful vortex's to support the anchoring & integration of your lightbody, by receiving Lightcodes for Activations, Healings & Anchoring of Higher Gifts & Talents.  

• Receive specific lightcodes from sacred sites to amplify your lightbody for more Wellbeing  

• Anchor Higher Gifts & Talents so you can share your gifts with the world  

• Experience different realities & realms to open up your perception & clear distortion & old patterns  

• Gain greater awareness energetically of Sacred Sites & support your Spiritual growth  

• Fast Track your Spiritual Evolution just like the Masters  

• Clear Karma associated with Sacred Sites & Specific Grid Locations