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Lightbody Activation:Merkaba Technology:Alchemical Healing



We 're awakening at a rapid rate so that we can anchor & embody the ascension process within our physical body & consciousness. Sacred sites around the globe including new grid points as yet undiscovered will play a major role in our ascension journey as they are powerful anchoring points of divine light & interdimensional frequencies that are essential for our lightbody manifestation.

More and more people will feel drawn to access the energies & frequencies from these incredible sites so that they can receive the light frequencies that filter down from the cosmos through the stargates & wormholes located at these unique sites. These sacred sites are essentially power points located throughout the world. They are located on key grid points that connect the crystalline grid to specific star constellations and interdimensional gateways. The ancients knew and understood how to work with and connect to these powerful energies to create miraculous healings, lightbody activations & travel interdimensionally through space & time.




What are Sacred Sites?

These special power points are areas within the Global Grid Matrix where the energies are more concentrated and amplified. They create unique doorways in space and time where magic happens. The veils are thinner here and interdimensional communication, healings and miracles are all possible from these locations.

Each place holds unique energies, frequencies, codes and geometric templates that are specific to that particular grid location. When receiving light transmissions from a particular location these unique codes & energy patterns will filter through and form part of the complex energy infusions taking place on Location.






Global Grid Channeller

A Global Grid Channeller is someone who energetically supports the planet by gridding through interdimensional frequencies of light for clearing, healing & shifting frequency.

Chloe connects into the planetary akashic records to retrieve sacred information, lightcodes & downloads. She decodes & unlocks the mysteries of the Earths sacred sites, as well as discovering new grid points & opening up previously shut down sacred sites.

Whilst on each sacred site Chloe works on a multidimensional level enabling her to attune and tap into the grid on many different levels in space, time & dimension. This supports her to clear distortion, make adjustments and recalibrations to the grid lines restoring much needed balance & harmony. 


What's a Crystal Merkaba Grid?

Throughout the year Chloe is guided to work energetically with various sacred sites, grid locations and power spots around the world through her Crystal Merkaba Grid™. The Crystal Merkaba Grid™ technology allows Chloe to travel in space and time to that physical location to access the higher realms and dimensions that co exist at that grid point. This is what makes each location so powerful - the specific doorways and portals that can be accessed through lightbody technology at these places. This is the knowledge & spiritual powers that the ancients undersatood & worked with.

Join Chloe remotely as she travels to these grid locations through her Crystal Merkaba Grid™ to receive lightcodes, templates & keys from sacred sites all over the world without leaving the comfort of your house.

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Experience the Power of Merkaba travel

Join Chloe to experience an energetic journey through space and time to download the necessary keys and codes from these powerful vortex's to support the anchoring & integration of your lightbody, by receiving Lightcodes for Activations,  Healings  &  Anchoring of Higher Gifts & Talents.


•  Receive specific lightcodes from sacred sites to amplify your lightbody for more Wellbeing

•  Anchor Higher Gifts & Talents so you can share your gifts with the world

• Experience different realities & realms to open up your perception & clear distortion & old patterns

• Gain greater awareness energetically of Sacred Sites & support your Spiritual growth

• Fast Track your Spiritual Evolution just like the Masters

• Clear Karma associated with Sacred Sites & Specific Grid Locations


Each sacred site holds specific keys and codes and links to cosmic realms that are unique to that location. Even if you have been to that location many times before because of the consistent upgrades to the grid at this present moment in our history you may well find that you are drawn to that site energetically again. At each sacred site we work together and form an etheric circle of light, supporting the Elemental, Angelic & Galactic beings of light to bring through more light frequencies and anchor them onto the planet for healing & ascension.


What you'll receive;

With each Merkaba Crystal Grid™ Experience you'll receive an Energy Package after the event. This will support you to integrate the transmissions received from the Sacred Site.


  •   Merkaba Crystal Grid™ Experience - You'll enter into a channelled grid that will support you to travel energetically, interdimensionally into the Angelic, Cosmic/Galactic or Elemental realms.


  •   Specific Light Transmissions - Each site will offer unique transmissions & frequencies available for download


  • Frequency Video - To support the integration of the energy that has been infused into your etheric body during the Merkaba Crystal Grid Experience.


  •  Merkaba Meditation Experience - you'll have access to a live stream Merkaba Experience where Chloe will take you through meditation/visualisation into altered dimensions in space and time so that you can experience and download the codes necessary for your accelerated ascension path. This is a powerful opportunity to access specific enlightenment codes from other worldly realms & kingdoms for healing, lighbody integration & spiritual growth.


This is a perfect way to receive unique frequencies of light that are specific to that location as well as support the planet by gridding through unique interdimensional frequencies of light.


Ready to experience Lightbody Activations, Merkaba Travel & Light Transmissions?

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