Crystalline Grids


What are Crystals Grids?

Crystal grids are an ancient tool that combine Crystals, Sacred Geometry, Symbols & Intent. Each part of the grid, whether it be the crystals, sacred geometry or symbols are all high frequency tools that resonate out energy into the universe. However, when combined together with your intent, these high frequency tools take on a whole new level energetically. It's like a powerhouse of energy & frequency which ripples out into your environment 24/7.

They create a magical synergistic effect.  They resonate out high frequency energy into your home, workspace & environment. This allows you to be enveloped by pure crystalline frequencies to support not only your body & consciousness but also to manifest specific qualities, ways of being & higher attributes into your life.

Crystal grids are not a new invention either. The ancients worked with crystal grids especially on a larger scale. Sacred sites like Stone henge, Avebury & Pyramids of Giza  are giant crystal grids. The ancients created & used these crystal grids for healing, lightbody activations,  interdimensional access, light downloads, spiritual mastery & ceremony. They understood the power of grids, and how by placing certain crystals/stones in specific grid locations that they could tap into the energy source at these vortex's. 


How to work with Crystal Grids

It's because of the powerhouse of energy that crystal grids create that many people are drawn to working with grids.  

People use crystal grids for all different reasons & purposes. The most common reason is because they want to amplify the energy running through them and into their environment with a specific intent. Maybe they want to attract more manifestation in their life or they want to improve their health & wellbeing. For others it could be for spiritual protection, self mastery & empowerment. For others still it could be to create interdimensional travel and enter into other realms for the continuing process of the integration and building of their lightbody.   


Setting up a crystal grid

Crystal grids are simple to set up, the power behind them is driven by your intent and level of consciousness.

To make the most out of your Crystal Grid here's a 5 step process.


Step one

Clear your space. Whenever you do any energy work, its super important to clear the space you're going to work in. That means physically but also and more importantly energetically. Use whatever you feel guided to, whether that be smudging, crystal bowls, white light etc. You may also want to lightsome candles or even create an altar to sustain a high frequency environment whilst setting up your crystal grid.


Step two

Get clear on your intent. What is the energy, the holographic reality you would like to create within you and your environment. Everything comes from your intent. Spend a little time to get really clear on that & then write it down as an affirmation in the present tense - just like its already a reality for you. So, for example, lets say that you want your grid to support you to bring in more money in a way that honours who you are through your gifts and talents. Your affirmation could be - " I manifest abundantly through my gifts and talents" or "I earn (whatever that amount is for you) each month through my gifts and talents. As you do this get to feel what that would feel like, sense that in every cell of your body as if its a reality already for you.


Step Three

Take your grid template ( the base that contains the sacred geometry, symbols etc) and gather the specific crystals that resonate those frequencies in relation to your affirmation. Place your grid somewhere where it won't get disturbed - children & pets). Connect with your affirmation (you could even place it under the grid template if you wish) and then begin to place the crystals one by one. 

Remember the energy is building as you're doing this. As each crystal is placed, with your intent, you're creating and building a new energetic grid all around you.


step four

Once you have placed all your crystals on the template base you can further enhance and connect in with each crystal. You can use a crystal wand if you have one, or your finger or just pure intent. Touch each crystal, connect with its energy and feel the grid building as you connect each crystal to each other. Take your time to do this. Work consciously and begin to feel the energy building. This is the ancient art of gridding. You have to really be able to feel it. So going back to our example of working with the affirmation of "I manifest abundantly through my gifts and talents" . As you connect into each crystal and its unique properties, feel this becoming a reality for you. Feel this rippling out into your environment. The grid and its crystals are creating a new holographic grid for you, so you can sustain yourself energetically and manifest this new reality over time.


Step Five

To further enhance this process, you could connect in with your grid daily. A frequency meditation would be perfect for this. This would reinforce your connection to the grid, even though the grid is still working its magic even if you don't connect in every day. Keep the grid as long as you drawn. Although its a good idea to take it down once in a while to clean off any dust & cleanse & charge your crystals. 



feeling inspired to working with crystal grids?

We offer two ways you can work with crystal grids;


Option 1- Physical Crystal Grids

These are physical grids that you can set up in your home, office etc. They include a specifically designed sacred geometry template, instructions, high frequency crystals and a meditation.


Option 2- Online Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys

This is an online package where through frequency meditation, video & presentation you will be taken energetically to a specific Sacred Site for lightcodes, activations & healing.


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