Myth, Magic & Mystery

(Cornwall April 2017)


Cornwall is a land of Myth, Magic & Mystery. In this EarthStar Journey you were taken to 3 very unique locations & called in etherically to participate in the grounding in of cosmic & elemental frequencies through your body & consciousness.

We worked with the Pleiadian, Orion & Elemental Dimensions. Each one creating a unique grid and a downloading of light frequencies.

Expect to go through a purification process over the  next few days/weeks for light integration. 


In Summary

Through participating energetically at each location you were able to receive galactic frequencies for opening the heart at a deeper level through the Pleiadians, purify your intent and power centre through the beings from Orion & receive elemental frequencies for rejuvenation & revitalisation.

The whole process was in support of enhancing the divine qualities of your soul & higher self. Through going deeper into your heart chamber and clearing through the ego you can release past life wounding that had been blocking you from holding your power. This will rebirth a whole new sense of self.

To complete and support the integration of frequencies that came through for the soul group I facilitated a Beyond Doorways Healing .



Merkaba Meditations

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