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Chartres Cathedral, Black madonna & the divine feminine mysteries



The black madonna, the divine feminine mysteries & Chartres Cathedral



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connect to this sacred grid location Remotely at Chartres Cathedral, France 

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(You'll receive a Frequency Package with Video, Presentation & Merkaba Meditation  )


Chartres, the Black Madonna & the divine Feminine

Join Chloe on this Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Experience & be taken energetically to the ancient Goddess Site of Chartres Cathedral, France. 

Here you'll receive light codes, initiations & activations into the teachings of the Black Madonna - a sacred lineage of priestess teachings on the Goddess, the healing powers of nature, the magical properties of elements and elementals and the ability to purify to enable the embodiment of these sacred teachings into ones body & consciousness for ascension & spiritual growth.

This is a REMOTE ONLY attendance.

This means you get the opportunity to receive & absorb the unique transmissions of light, keys and codes that are accessible from this sacred grid without having the expense in money & time to travel there.


The Black Madonna & Divine Feminine Mysteries


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Black Madonnas are the personification of Mother Sophia & the hidden powers of Nature, Transference & Alchemy. The Madonna refers to the Goddess, the creator and the feminine aspect of God. She is the one who brings forth from the void, the womb of creation and gives births to her creations. The black refers to the spiritual technology held within the Feminine principle which is the Black Ray. The Black Ray holds the power of Magic, Transference and Alchemy. Without this aspect there would be no growth or spiritual evolution. This technology speaks to the death aspect of creation. The ability to surrender and let go before the birth can occur. This is the true power of the Black Madonna. The ability to surrender and enter into the void, the unseen, the womb of creation and from that place of surrender bring through the white ray, the power to manifest. One cannot happen with out the other. This is the power of the Divine Feminine which the Black Madonna symbolises.

If you're drawn to accelerate your spiritual growth & support your healing process, then working with this sacred lineage of teachings is essential so that you can tap into the unknown forces of the universe to participate in the co creation of your reality.

For so long, humanity has lived in a world of separation. The Black Madonna lineage is a sacred lineage of underground teachings centred in France, which delves into the secret teachings of the Divine feminine and the gifts that she bestows through the awakening of the psyche and the embodiment of oneness & unity. 


Maybe you're;

•  Guided to work more consciously with the Divine Feminine Energy

•  Wanting to go into deeper states of surrender for healing & spiritual growth

•  Ready to open up more of your psyche & third eye 

•  Accelerating your spiritual growth and are ready to take your next step on your journey

•  Feeling a calling deep inside of you that speaks of Alchemy, Magic & Divine Goddess 




About Chartres Sacred Grid Location










Chartres has been a sacred destination & pilgrimage site since ancient times. It has been known throughout history as a place of Goddess worship with its Sacred Relics, Holy Well, Mystic Rose Windows, Labyrinth and Black Madonna’s.

Just like the hermetic principle of as above so below, Chartres cathedral is based on two levels. The upper part, the main Cathedral that everyone visits, is full of light, stained glass windows and birthing relics. A symbol to the White Ray, Rebirth & Light. Whilst the lower part, a vast Crypt ( 3rd largest in Europe), which is rarely frequented contains a Holy Well, Subterranean Chapel and a Black Madonna. 



Transference Healing® Template - Mary Magdalene

Chartres Crypt - connection point to the Divine Feminine & Black Madonna Energy

This crypt has a mysterious and intense atmosphere.

Here you connect more deeply to the womb of the Mother Goddess, the void and the connection point to the black ray. This is where we find the Black Madonna of the Underworld ( Notre Dame de Sous Terre).

This Black Madonna, is the Goddess who gives birth. She holds the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, Mother Sophia and her embodiment of Ain Soph.

All that potential lays deep within her womb and she holds the key to unlocking that from deep within you. As you tap into the black ray through the Black Madonna, purify and surrender, you then emerge into the light through the White ray. You give birth to your creation. This is the dual aspect of the black/white ray.




Feeling drawn to Connect to the Mysteries of the Black Madonna, Black Ray & Divine Feminine?

If you feel drawn to working with this profound energy, you may wish to deepen your experience by connecting in to the sacred vortex of Chartres Cathedral and specifically the inter dimensional energies that are available here. 

Apart from travelling physically to this location and being able to tap into the grid in a specific way, you can also access this doorway experience through Crystal Merkaba Grid™ technology. This crystalline grid technology opens up doorways so you can travel through space and time and connect into different realities and dimensions for alchemical shifts, lighbody integration & healing. For more info click here

In this Crystal Merkaba Grid™Journey you'll be taken energetically to the location of Chartres Crypt. This is the oldest part of the Cathedral and is believed to have been the location where the ancient druids of Carnute would gather for healing, ceremony & initiations. It was a Goddess sanctuary with its Holy Spring/Well & Cave. A grid point where the black ray energy could be accessed and absorbed for healing & co creation. Spiritual masters would come here to learn and be initiated into this ancient sacred priestess teachings.

At this location whilst being sustained within a higher dimension through the Crystal Merkaba Grid™ you'll have the opportunity to;

•  Connect to this hidden ancient lineage of sacred priestess teachings

•  Work with the black ray to access higher frequencies of light for the integration of your lightbody

•  Learn how to Surrender to Divine Will for healing & wellbeing

•  Work with the Raven Power procedure for opening up the psyche, spiritual protection & divine will

•  Receive Mary Magdalene initiation into the divine feminine mysteries


HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL RECEIVE when you book onto this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey ;


Instant Access to the following;

* Channelled Merkaba Meditation taking you inter dimensionally into higher dimensions

* Discover the hidden meaning of Chartres Cathedral & what the Black Madonna is

* Details of Black Madonna Crystals that you can use to deepen your experience of the Divine Feminine

* Frequency Video so you can tune in & shift your frequency 

* Direct transmissions of light for Spiritual Empowerment, Opening of the Psyche, Divine Will & Purification


Location: Chartres Cathedral, France

Date/Time: Now (Instant Access)

Participation: Remote Attendance Only 





Channelled Merkaba Meditation Mp3

Channelled Merkaba Meditation Mp3

Frequency Online Access Video

Frequency Online Access Video

Online Channelled Presentation

Online Channelled Presentation


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