Healing : Goddess Initiation : Black Madonna

“Join me on this journey to Chartres cathedral, where there once stood an ancient holy spring where the druids & high priestess’s would gather to perform sacred rituals, ceremonies & initiations” Chloe Cousins

Join Chloe on this Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Experience & be taken energetically to the ancient Goddess Site where Chartres Cathedral is situated in France. 

Here you'll receive light codes, initiations & activations into the teachings of the Black Madonna - a sacred lineage of priestess teachings on the Goddess, the healing powers of nature, the magical properties of elements and elementals and the ability to purify to enable the embodiment of these sacred teachings into ones body & consciousness for ascension & spiritual growth.



Once you have completed payment, this package will be available to you for 48 hours to view

In this Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey You'll;

* Access this interdimensional portal at Chartres and participate in the energy and frequencies located at this sacred site.

* Initiate the embodiment into the energy & teachings of the Black Madonna

* Connect to an ancient energy that the druids of Carnute understood & worshipped

* Tap into the creative powers of the Black Ray for Alchemy, Transference & Magic

* Gain deeper understanding into the mystical teachings of the Christ

* Support a purification process of the ego so you can become more spiritually empowered

Your Frequency Package consists of;

•  A Frequency Video detailing the spiritual & historical information of Chartres Cathedral

•  A Channelled Audio Presentation including Transference Healing® procedures 

•  A Merkaba Meditation

* Important - Due to the fact you may become altered whilst listening to this Frequency package we do not recommend listening whilst using heavy machinery, driving or anything else that requires your full focus.


 How to Work with this Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journey

This frequency package contains the Video with Presentation & Meditation. 

Because you're working with energy, we suggest you listen to this package whilst in a clear, high frequency space. That way you'll be able to absorb more of the energy into your body & consciousness.

It is also recommended (but not necessary) to work with the Black Madonna Crystal Grid. This will deepen your experience of the frequency meditation by sustaining you and your environment within this new holographic reality created by the Crystalline Grid.

Please be aware though that as you work with this journey, you're initiating a purification and release process, where old patterning, modes of behaviour and self limiting beliefs will start to come up to the surface to be released. 


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