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Transference Healing® One Day Event

Be immersed & suspended in high frequency energy for a whole day at this exclusive Transference Healing Event.

This is a rare opportunity to experience the profound Transference Healing® Frequencies. A wonderful way to start the New Year, support your Spiritual Journey & take your next step to shift consciousness & embody more Light.

This event will be held in the Heart of England. Tickets are £10 each. There will be presentations throughout the day as well as the possibility to book in to receive a 1 - 1 session.

On this one day event you’ll :

• Experience a Sacred Gridding Journey into the Womb of the Divine Mother for Manifestation, Rebirthing & Rejuvenation

• Discover the Dragon & the Centaur as two of the major guardians on your Spiritual Journey

• Release & clear karma & energetic distortions ready for the New Year

• Learn how Transference Healing® can support you to create profound changes in your life

I will be facilitating a live Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey to High Cross, the Geomantic Centre of England. 

This Sacred Grid point holds a unique inter dimensional portal into the the Galactic Centre & portal to Ain Soph - the Goddess of all Goddess's

Download keys & codes for Rebirthing, Empress Energy, Manifestation & Co creation. 

Watch me build the grid with Crystals, Sacred Geometry & Symbols, then be transported through space & time to access higher frequencies of light for Healing, Lightbody Activation & Integration.

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